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sorry no subtitles here for now, but some good news to some of you...
i decided to start the ambitious project of translating TARI full episodes to English, so everyone will be able to watch the israeli version- because it's really good! [not like israeli survivor that doesn't deserve even translating the name of the survivors... hehe (: ]


i need help!
it's a vacation now in israel (i'm in vacation for a week from now) so i have spare time, but afterwords i won't have almost any spare time.
wanna help? you don't even need to know Hebrew! just to know how to make subtitles.
just download an episode (i can mail you download links) and synchronize it to a *.sub file that will match the timing of the hebrew subtitles.
every time a hebrew subtitle line appears make a blank line at the exact same time.
i will take care of filling the blank lines with the English translation.
i would have synchronized the subtitles myself if i only had the time.
if you can't help (i know it's a long process that requiers tons of spare time) you can deliver the news to someone else that you think can help.

i want this project to work but i really can't do it all myself.

anyone that can help\knows someone\have questions or whatever can send me e-mail to, or reply here.


Neta L.

Thanks!! Tusha :jumpy:
Happy to see sb translate the TARI
But....I can't help you becoz I don't know how to make subtitles

Anyway.....Support You to do it

*How about the later episode........will you translate it ??
Thanks again

actually i've just started with the last episode. the first 5 minutes are translated, but not synced yet (it is just text for now)
the problem is i really can't finish it by myself...
i hope i'll find someone to help and maybe finish with this episode till saturday. i won't have a lot of time after...

:welcome2: to RFF Tusha!

Untechy me has no idea about all this, but many of us would adore a chance to see some of this subtitled, I still think TPTB missed a huge opportunity here.

So we applaud your efforts, and hopefully someone here will be able to lend a hand!

In any case, best of luck!! :hearts:

Hello and welcome! :hearts: Any effor that you make at translating the series is HUGELY appreciated and I thank you dearly for it. Looking forward to seeing any translated part of the race, period!


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