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I was so surprised that Preston & Jennifer were eliminated first!
I don't really like Steve & Linda either, but usually the bickering couple doesn't get eliminated 1st!
Let's discuss the first elimination, and future eliminations.
Also please post boot lists!

My Bootlist:
1. Victor & Tammy
2. Jamie & Cara
3. Mark & Michael
4. Margie & Luke
5. Mel & Mike
6. Kisha & Jen
7. Christie & Jodi
8. Amanda & Kris
9. Brad & Victoria
10. Steve & Linda
11. Preston & Jennifer (Not my original prediction)

My boot predictions

10. Linda & Steve: Linda gets lost and wastes a lot of time because she's slow and/or she gets an emotional breakdown.

9. Christie & Jody: they keep making rash decisions

8. Mel & Mike: physically out-raced

7. Kisha & Jen: not competitive enough

6. Brad & Victoria: out-raced

5. Margie & Luke: bad luck

4. Amanda & Kris: fatal mistake

3. Tammy & Victor: family issues

2. Cara & Jamie: bad luck

1. Mark & Michael: home advantage

I normally do not allow these sort of topics in the spoiler board but .....if it gets you all out of the other threads with the ongoing predictions then I'll allow it but be warned, if it turns into a prediction game of sorts it will be locked.



1st: Jaime & Cara -- first all-female team winners!
2nd: Tammy & Victor -- if they become the season villains, they'll end up here.
3rd: Mark & Michael -- home advantage will once again become a home disadvantage.
4th: Margie & Luke -- fan favorite fourth-place-finishers.
5th: Amanda & Kris -- Kris's physicality will carry them along for a while, but then, they'll get eliminated.
6th: Mel & Mike -- the physicality of the race will finally get to Mel, and they'll fall apart.
7th: Brad & Victoria -- the cannon fodder teams will leave, and then, they will follow.
8th: Kisha & Jen -- like noted above, competitive and driven, but not enough.
9th: Christie & Jodi -- they'll do something too rash and reckless, and pay for it, like with the train error.
10th: Steve & Linda -- they got lucky this time, but I don't think it'll continue for another leg.
11. Preston & Jennifer -- eliminated first.

Belle Book:
Surprised to see Linda & Steve outlast Jennifer & Preston, but I'm not too upset.  I'm kind of glad the bickering team's gone so early, actually.

Here's my best guess as to the boot list:

11.  Jennifer & Preston (that's where they wound up).
10.  Linda & Steve -- got lucky once but won't do so a second time.
9.  Amanda & Kris -- I think they get unlucky.
8.  LaKisha & Jennifer -- agreed, they're not competitive enough.
7.  Brad & Victoria -- they're out-raced.
6.  Christie & Jodi -- Mel & Mike get lucky and beat this team.
5.  Mel & Mike -- out-raced at the end.
4.  Margie & Luke -- sentimental favorites come in fourth.
3.  Mark & Michael -- the home advantage becomes a home disadvantage again.
2.  Tammy & Victor -- family issues get them in the end.
Winners:  Cara & Jamie, the first all-female team winners!

Belle Book


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