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As always, loving the fact Jeff speaks his mind and doesnt hold back anything. He's pretty funny in his blogs. :lol:

..and kinky!


--- Quote ---But it was an interesting move and now we have the potential for an alliance that could wreak havoc later in the game.
--- End quote ---

 :res: Spoiler? LOL! Maybe. Maybe not.

Phil needs to take some blogging lessons from Jeff. His posts are so much longer and give us so much more insights! Phil.. we want moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :funny:

Give a break to Phil, he's blogging for the first time! :lol: With time he will learn!
I'm also looking foward to Survivor Talk on Can't wait for those two to be funny again! Hope they bash Coachebag(many thanks to sucksters for this word).

Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Tocantins' (episode 3)
Feb 27, 2009, 07:32 AM | by Jeff Probst

 Jeff gets talking about last night's ousted contestant right away, so click after the jump if you're not worried about spoilers.

Ah, poor Jerry. We all had such high hopes for him. This is an example of just bad luck. Jerry was a trooper and I think would have probably done a pretty good job of just hanging out in the middle of the pack allowing him to get deep in the game. Not sure if Jerry had enough killer instinct to win but would have loved to have seen him last a bit longer 'cause he was a good one.

The only person happy that Jerry is gone...? Erinn. She was very close to going home. Erinn needs to continue to recover or her name will come up again and again.

What can you say about the reward challenge other than this...blindfolds always work. In the bedroom and on Survivor. They always come through. So long as itís consensual, blindfolds typically equal good times. Show of hands, how many people have used blindfolds at some point in their life? And...? Good results? (Right about now is the time a third of you will begin to write your comments to me complaining that I am too provocative. Save the carpal tunnel, it only encourages me.)

The reward challenge was a blow out. Not sure why I enjoyed seeing Timbira lose, but I did. They were so cocky, and Jalapao just came in and got it done. Theyíre the underdogs at this point and I always secretly root for the underdogs. But as we Survivor fans know... underdogs can quickly become cocky and then they become villains and then you root against them!

As evidence of how bad the crew living conditions were in Brazil, even I got envious at the Jalapao reward. Umbrella, chairs, hammock! I would have loved to have a large umbrella outside my little four-walled tent. I often feel that way about the food rewards, too. When the Survivors win something like cheeseburgers, trust me the entire crew is salivating. We donít get cheeseburgers on location. We donít get big thick pizzas or large chocolate cakes either. We do get beer. Thank goodness our crew loves their beer. Itís the only thing that keeps most of us from ending up in an insane asylum. Most of us.

This week's observation about Sierra: Sierra is like an annoying little sister that you constantly complain about but secretly love having around because there is just something about her youíd miss if she was gone. Timbira will miss Sierra if they get rid of her. Sheís worth keeping even though she is annoying. Imagine living with Sierra. Oy vey.

Okay time for a moment:

Ext. Brazilian River - Day
Coach stares into the water...contemplating.
Tyson spits something, maybe a seed. It makes a small splash.
Coach mumbles something insightful. Itís not a question. Itís a command. Heís Coach after all.
Coach (to Tyson): Youíre like my assistant coach.

ďYouíre like my assistant coach.Ē Ah, thank you, reality gods. Beautiful. One of my favorite moments of the season. Coach laid out the perfect spiral pass and Tyson gently cradled it into his arms. For very different reasons, both these guys are solid gold.

Coach is without question one of the greatest Survivor characters ever. Whatís your take on Coach? Love him? Love to hate him? Or just plain hate him? For the record Serenaís advice to Coach, ďJust relax. Stop trying so hard. Just be yourself.Ē To which I reply, ďHe IS being himself! Thatís what makes him so brilliant!

And then as if that wasnít enough, another moment so good itís as though it was scripted:

Ext. Jalapao Camp Ė Day

Spencer, young and single, lies on his side trying to sleep. Sandy, considerably older and also single, snuggles up next to him. Uncomfortably close. Hands searching. Surprisingly Spencer doesnít seem to mind. Sandy musses her hair with a sexy toss of the hand.

Sandy: I know Iím a sex kitten.

Whoa. That made me incredibly uncomfortable. I had to stop the TIVO and rewind it. No offense, Sandy, (although as my friend Lopez says, whenever you say that, you actually mean the opposite) but that was just plain uncomfortable and in some states probably illegal. Is Spencer even 18 years old?

J.T. and Steven fishing together. Itís a bit like A River Runs Through It. Nice. I like it. But is it just me or do you get the idea that J.T. is the kind of guy who if you so much as looked at his girlfriend in a bar, heíd break your nose and then finish your beer. He seems very pleasant but Iím guessing that heís broken a few noses.

And finally,  the quote of the day:

Tyson: I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreams.

See ya next week!

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene below .........


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