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Darling Divorcees:
Hey, hey! It's Christy from Kelly and Christy, Season 13. I just had the chance to watch episode 1 of Season 14, and I am impressed by the logistics this season! In my humble opinion, the tasks were FAR more difficult than ours were, and the locations were more exciting...not to be ungrateful, of course. :-) I'd like to comment primarily on the F/F teams, since that's what I relate to best. So...

Kisha and Jen - obviously strong physical competitors, but honestly, I'm surprised that they didn't do better. We all know it takes brains, braun and bravado to go far on Race, and I'd like to see more of the latter two out of these ladies.

Christie and Jodi - nice job on the rolling packs! I wouldn't have thought of that, but I'll bet their backs thanked them. Way to go, Jodi, on the jump. You're a rockstar for that - obviously scared of heights. I would have cried. Why, though, was Christie crying while standing there on two feet? I didn't quite get that. Sympathy tears, maybe? I think these two are smart girls who will do well in the Race. They seem like they have it in them to be a little sneaky, too, so I'll look forward to seeing that.

Jamie and Cara - seem like they have that attitude that Kel and I did during our Race. They're extremely confident, probably are used to getting what they want, but are going to find out (like we did) that Race is tougher than you're prepared for! I have to give a shoutout to the redheads. I really hope they do well - would love to see more of that attitude come out to make things fun.

It will be interesting to me to see who goes the farthest out of the F/F teams. All pretty girls, though! Way to go - looks like you wore waterproof mascara! :-)

I was REALLY proud of Maggie & Luke. How incredible that Maggie's ears took them both to the finish line first. To me, that's the power of family love. Nothing like it. In the same respect, I think Tammy & Victor are going to go far. They're smart, sneaky and seem physically fit...guess who they remind me of???? Another similar sibling team, who I've now come to love and respect. I'm going to love watching Mark &  Michael. They seem like they're up for anything, and they'll be fun to watch. Preston & Jennifer....well...I hope they enjoyed leg 1, and I hope they get along better when cameras aren't around. If not, move along. Life's too short and should be too fun.

Looking forward to the next episode!

RACE LOVE! XO - Christy

arthur here

now that the thread says 1st out has been philimnated, not the biggest looser, I can participate. Remember racers are real people, not just objects for your snarking.

My thoughts on TAR 14 > It was an excellent leg. I totally agree with Dandrew on this legs tasks, but can't go with him on the racers.  WRP has again brought together the usual suspects which makes an excellent cast.

There were transportation challenges with air, train, and taxi decisions, the bungy jump was a "WOW!! I want to to that", and the cheese wheels was so simple that anything could happen, and did. The three day, two nights leg brought in endurance, there were financial budgeting decisions, and a final foot race to the mat. Everything that makes TAR such a good show.

If you have the endurance and good fortune, anyone can win. A quote from on earlier racer "The first 3 legs are a dime toss" is true. Those on the first plane out have the time to make a mistake, stay in, and really grasp the race. It takes a while to get into the race mind set, and until then it is the luck of the taxi and connections.

I don't have much confidence in racing with a roller bag for Jodi and Christie but they do have the traveling experience and knowledge; Brad & Victoria's promo pic shows a backpack without (storable?) waist and chest straps - can't run without the straps - which may not be a problem as they seem quite fit; like Anita & I, the Coles my not see it for the race it is, but they have heart, know their limitations, (and are folks I'd ask over for dinner); the cheerleaders, Munoz brothers, Jih siblings, the Whites, are all used to making decisions on camera and under the spotlight which is good for racing, the Adams' have incredible desire and drive to go all the way, and the Hoffman sisters are still close enough to college athletics to run the marathon with good judgement. I was surprised that it was Preston and Jennifer joined who our exclusive 1st out club.

Who can really tell. As Bert would say "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Anyone can win."

:bigwelcome to all our racers, Thank you so much for participating!!

Love y'all!! :ghug:

And please know that you alll can start new topics, this is your board, make yourselves at home.

We love ya all  :gj: :yourock:

MomToni TAR 13:
Hey all.  Well here's my thoughts on this season:

I LOVE the tasks and am totally jealous.  bungee jumping, parasailing/gliding WOW.
And on those particularly hungry days I'd have loved nothing better than some fresh bavarian creme pie in the face - YUMMMM.

I like the new split screen format so we get to see a bit more of the country and what could be more beautiful than Switzerland, Austria....

I'd only add that I love seeing those far away places that so few people get to visit.  it's one of the things I love most about the show - seeing the places I'd never even heard of.  So far this season has taken us to places that are a bit more common place, but I do like that there is more travel by train and teams driving themselves.  Some of my greatest travel adventrues have been while lost driving in a foreign country.

As for the teams, well of course my heart goes to Margie and Luke.   I think these two can do anything they want.  My only concern will be that it may take a bit longer when Margie has to sign to Luke during detours and roadblocks to explain things.  There's clearly lots of love between these two and they'll have their own communication, but will it slow things down in the long run.

I actually think the cast is going to be interesting. 

Mel & Mike:  I like seeing a mature parent with a mature child.   Their relationship has had a chance to mature as well so I think they will do well together, but will they be able to handle the physical aspect of the tasks?

Lakisha & Jennifer:  Athletic so should be up to handle the physical aspect, but they both seem to be used to being in charge and haven't spent the time together as adults to figure out how to make that work.  I think there will be some definite friction between these two.

Brad & Victoria:  Would love to see them go far.  Both look physically fit, but not sure if Victoria's hip issues are going to cause a problem as the race continues.

Mark & Michael:  I think these two are going to give everyone a run for their money.  No fear at doing anything, used to taking on whatever gets thrown at them and they seem to have no issue with who needs to be in charge.  Like Luke, they've probably battled their way through things throughout their life, but being older I think they won't care what it takes to get to the top.  I think they'll be in the race till the end.

Tammy & Victor:  Tammy's always been the little sister so if she gets upset and wants to be in charge it's not a new feeling - I'm sensing she'll deal with it.  I predict they are in the race to the end with Mark & Michael.

Christy & Jodi:  I want so much for them to do well, but I'm not holding out hope.  It appears their travel skills are limited to the US and foreign countries and new experiences are giving them trouble. 

Linda & Steve:  Just plain fun to watch.  I'll miss you.

Most importantly props to all the racers for being out there,  Everyone of you should be proud and welcome to the TAR family. 

Note to Anita & Arthur - Race Hug.  MIss you guys.


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