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 :wohoo:  Just running by to say "HEY"...  it's been a while....I too, (Like Tammy) have become addicted to Facebook.  I attended TARcon in NYC last night and had a wonderful time.  It was a great finale....great party....great people.  Nice to meetcha Peach.   I'll be poppin in more often.  Hugs :yess:

Welcome back Joni!!  :jumpy:

Darling Divorcees:
Hello again! Itís Christy, Ĺ of those feisty divorcees from Season 13, back to talk about the incredible season finale of the Amazing Race, Season 14. I have a particularly interesting perspective this time, as I was fortunate enough to spend my time watching the episode with the cast of Season 14, some fellow racers from Season 13 and even a few from seasons past, like Nate and Jen and Tom and Terry, at a CBS sponsored party in NYC this past weekend.

First and foremost, I have to say that it was so surreal watching this last episode surrounded by the extended Race family. The bond that comes from sharing such an unbelievable experience is indescribable, and the sincere longing for each team to win the million is something I just canít begin to explain.

This episode was rock-solid from the very beginning. As luck would have it, the flight situation caused all three remaining teams to blast off the very same plane neck and neck once they landed in Hawaii. The race to the wave runners and ensuing battle to find the ďneedle in the haystackĒ at the buoys was so stressful, but it looked so fun! As spectators, we were squealing with delight. The task involving the traditional, luau-style roasted pig was great; I loved watching each team struggle under the weight of the pig, working out the best way to take those steps to the roasting pits. Luke and Margie were the obvious front-runners in this task, and at this point I was positive they had what it took to win. Margie truly is the bionic woman, and I have to say that she is every bit as physically fit in person today as she appears to be during the Race; and Luke is such a phenomenal leader, despite his physical setback. I was in complete awe of their spectacular teamwork. They say only 10% of human communication is actually transmitted in the wording of expression, and this outstanding mother and son team proved that is true over and over. 

Leaving first from the luau task provided a sizeable lead for Luke and Margie over competitors Tammy and Victor, who were close behind; and Jamie and Cara, who did an awesome job at completing the task in a great finish time, despite being the weakest physical team involved in the final 3. You go, girls! Iíve been so proud of them throughout the whole race. As they reached the wall of surfboards, I had complete confidence that Luke would finish the task in light-speed, and was warmed to see the faith that mom Margie had in her baby boy. Luke did such a fabulous job on that task, but became frustrated when he kept hearing that he didnít actually have the puzzle figured out. I felt just awful for him, knowing that, were I in the same position, I would have stressed out, cried and would have been tempted to give up. There is that human will to fight and win that keeps one pushing towards that glorious million dollars, though.

Victor, as we all know, is extremely intelligent and is always calm and composed, and his personality proved true to form in this final task as he expertly navigated through the surfboards and swiftly placed each piece in the correct location on the wall he crafted. Jamie and Cara arrived shortly thereafter, and I could not have been more proud of Jamie as she hoisted those heavy boards, maintained sanity using humor and wit, and kept right up with the boys, moving along quickly in solving the puzzle.

In the end, Victor finished the final task first, and Luke and Jamie decided to work together to determine what the missing pieces were. Jamie showed true character and grace when, after quickly realizing that her first surfboard was incorrect, she took the time to stay behind and help Luke figure out his remaining surfboards. In a somewhat predictable, yet no less emotional ending, Tammy and Victor were the first team to land on the mat, and were pronounced the winners of the Amazing Race, season 14. Jamie and Cara rocked it when they landed as team number two, and Luke and Margieís precious ending was just about too much to bear when they were awarded the third place finish.

Watching the final three teamsí expressions as the show ended was the most emotional thing Iíve witnessed in quite some time. The passion to win the Amazing Race is an indescribable one, and although each team should hold their heads high with pride, having run a very amazing race and having finished in the top 3 of a group of highly competitive teams, they were all emotional and somewhat sad in their own ways. As the show ended, I turned with tear-filled eyes to see Kelly wiping big crocodile tears off of her cheeks. Thereís just something about that Amazing Race that keeps you wanting moreÖ.the highs, the lows and the unspeakable, indescribable experience whether lived out personally or taken in through another Racerís eyes, is truly what makes it the greatest reality competition on earth.

Iím ready for Season 15. All Stars, anyone? Send those feisty divorcees. Iíll bet theyíd be game!

 XO - Christy

Andrew from DanDrew:

--- Quote from: georgiapeach on February 12, 2009, 11:12:38 PM ---Welcome to Racers Corner! This is a new RFF feature where we hope to have ongoing commentary from our favorite racer alumni!

This thread is for any former racer who wants to chime in on the current race, episode, racers, route, tasks, whatever!

Have fun, and :bigwelcome to you all!!

All questions or comments for the racers should be placed in the Comments/Question for the racers thread HERE, and NOT in this thread. Comments not by racers will be deleted.

--- End quote ---

I was recently informed that Dan had been posting here. As someone who has been blogging about sports on a daily basis on the internet for the past few years, I figured I would give this a shot as well.

Yes, I am Andrew from "Andrew and Dan" on TAR 13. Dan's username is Dandrew and he has already posted a few times. About a year ago, the TAR 13 cast returned to our homes across the country after our journey and during the summer months, I was informed about RFF. My mom who heard about RFF from Dan's mom eventually showed me the chat, spoilers and gossip regarding our upcoming season. I was amazed at first when I visited this website. I had no idea how many people try to speculate The Amazing Race. When we arrived at the hotel in Portland after our 3rd place finish, I immediately called my parents after not being able to speak to them for nearly a month. My plan was to keep everything a secret from them and that included the locations of each leg. I wanted to give them dose by dose each week of my adventures when the show premiered. Unfortunately, my parents knew where we were traveling the whole time. When I first spoke to them in Portland and without explaining RFF to me, they told me how they tracked me down in Brazil, New Zealand, Cambodia, India, etc. I was so disappointed at first because I wanted everything to be ultimately a surprise! On the bright side, it apparently kept my mom less worrisome because she was able to see where Dan and I were.

I was told of RFF back in May 2008 and to be honest, it left a poor taste in my mouth. As I browsed through some of the threads, I came across a speculation thread that was mainly focused on the TAR 13 racers. As I kept scrolling through the thread, I noticed an abundant amount of posts about me. Like I said, it left this bitter, stale taste in my mouth and an uncomfortable feeling all together to see that I was being stalked. I never visited this website after that day.

After hearing about Dan's weekend in NYC for TAR 14, I decided to relive some old memories and take a gander at RFF to see if anyone was talking about this past weekend. It turns out there is an entire section of RFF dedicated to TAR alumni so I thought I would give it a shot. I'm a really chill guy and I don't mind some blogging in my spare time so if you have any questions for me, I'm all ears.

Love Dandrew or hate Dandrew, you know we could put a smile up on your face.


Tonight don't forget to tune into we will be recapping last night episode. So far I have Katie Seamon season 17, Louie Stravato season 16, Eric Sanchez season 7 & 9, Ray Housteau.

If any of you other former racers would like to join any recap show on any Monday. contact me either via facebook or twitter @KaylaniPaliotta I love hearing other racers opinions and being able to be seen by Amazing Race fans.


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