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Darling Divorcees:
First thing’s first – love conquers all. I am so in love with the hearts of Steve and Linda, and was so inspired by their relationship. Poor Linda – directions obviously aren’t her strong suit, and the walk down the mountain was a hard, hard one for her. I was so proud of the two of them for working together, and not against one another, when they did reunite at the bottom of the mountain. Their relationship will take them far in life.

Tammy & Victor are a STRONG team, and if they keep up this momentum, they’ll win the race hands-down. They look like they have fun, and they’re a smart, savvy team. So similar to Nick and Starr!

The detours looked SO FUN this time. I would have LOVED to go paragliding, and would have had a blast throwing the Bavarian cream pies with Kelly. No doubt I would have stopped to lick my fingers a time or two. Mmmmm….cake! Could they take to-go boxes?? I would have  tried!

I was so nervous watching Mel waiting on the wind…I thought he’d never make it down. Patience is NOT my strong suit, but it’s obviously Mel’s and it definitely paid off when he and Mike ultimately came in second! They had me on my toes for a while, though.

I’m liking the looks of Jamie & Cara. These girls are going to be in it for a while. They’re tough competitors, and once they get a few lucky breaks (we all know there’s a lot of luck involved on Race), I do believe they’ll be in the front of the pack. They have the potential to go far!

Kisha and Jen…these girls are obviously strong, smart and both have strong personalities…I’d like to see them work WITH each other more often than they work AGAINST each other. Their clashing personalities may hinder them if they don’t figure out how to use one another’s strengths more. I hope they do! I’d love to see two sisters win it!

Amanda & Kris are such a cute couple, and I don’t see how you can’t love them. I had a great time watching them laughing at each other during the pie-throwing contest, and giggled when Amanda ate cake off of Kris. You go, girl. I’m glad to see where your head’s at. There is ALWAYS time to have fun on Race, and you might as well enjoy it while you can, because sadly enough – it’s over before you know it.

Maggie & Luke are still a REALLY strong team that I’m thoroughly enjoying watching on this season. I love the relationship these two have with each other, and I think it’s funny watching their dynamic evolve. Luke is obviously a strong person with strong opinions. He wants to be the leader, but still respects Mom’s guidance and ultimate decision-making, and I love it!

Christie & Jodi are fun girls who are hanging in there, despite for whatever reason falling to the back of the pack. I’ve been there before, though, and I see something in these two that I hope takes them far in the Race. They seem sincere, strong and smart, and it looks like they’re having fun along the way! I liked that Jodi made the point that they needed to quit being so literal. If they can figure that out, they’re going to go far.

Brad and Victoria are a strong team, but I can’t quite figure them out yet! They’re obviously in great physical shape and are a smart couple, but I’d like to see more of them!

Phil’s really working the brows this season….I wish I could learn that trick! It never does get old, does it? Love him.  :hearts:

Jen Parker:
Hey All!
Jen and Nate here AR 12!
First and foremost.... hive five to all the F/F teams, you guys rock keep up the good work.
Secondly Tami and Victor be careful to not be too much of perfectionists, I can see Hendekea and Azaria written all over you guys.
We were sad to see Amanda and Chris go, when they stopped the wood stacking challenge i got a bad feeling. they should of kept going.  and I dont know how The stuntmen, Amanda and Chris and Mike and his father were so calm trying to find the repair shop.  I think they should of all been running and moving alot faster.  but then again they could have and it could have been WRP's lovely editing displaying otherwise.
 I want Kiesha and Jen to be happier, I look back on how stressed Nate and I were and I COMPLETELY know what is going through their nerves.  wish we could all have lightened up lookin back.

Amanda and Chris were so cute and I feel that were stopped short, I hope sequester ville brought them even closer or at least some drama went on there with them. hahahaha

Margie and Luke -Blind U-turn remember that Karma is a bitch in the Amazing race
Although we still really like you guys too, good job.  I like all the teams this year, it really was too hard to watch last season.  it brought back lots of intense emotions and I would start shaking or crying when we tried to watch.

As for the leotards and next weeks run in the snow in your waterpanties.  we think They are just trying to boost the ratings.  The first thing i though of when they put on that white leotard was, what if someone didnt shave?

  I was so jealous of the gymnastics task.  I was a gymnast for 12 years and was wishing I was there.
GReat season so far, nate and I ready for so DRAMA though. lets get it started!!!!!!!!!!
til next week
peace and love to all the racers


Tammy!! :hearts:

We have missed you around here!!

Want to tell us what you think about teams having to run around Siberia in their skivvies? Gratuitous? or not?

We'd love to hear what you have to say about the tasks and locations this time around!


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  I got addicted to Facebook and lost my way.

I have to say I am really enjoying this season.  I even look forward to Elimination Station which has more drama than the race tat times.  Last season I lost interest because my favorite teams got out early and it seemed so predictable who would win.  I ended up taping most episodes which was a first for me.  Then this season came along and I am totally hooked again.  I would love to see Mel and Mike win.


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