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This is the spot to post any questions or comments for the racers, as they come to discuss the current race, and perhaps how it compared to their own.

Please give them a big RFF :welcome3:!!

We hope they will read through your questions here, and then reply to them in the Racers Speak Out thread as they can.

Please remember to post here , and not in the Racers thread itself, thanks!

TARAsia Fan:
We welcome the racers! Looking forward to seeing your posts as the race progresses.  :bigwelcome :bigwelcome :bigwelcome :bigwelcome :bigwelcome :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2:


 :hearts: Awesome, what a nice surprise 

Thanks RFF and to the Racers :wohoo:

Welcome RACERS!

*crosses fingers for my favourite racers to appear* :yess:

Team Guido:
Your worst nightmare has happened....MWAHHHHHHH!  IT'S TEAM GUIDO!!  None of your favorite teams will appear, we have taken control of the board!


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