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 :waves: Hey there, Gamers! 

You are invited to join Lance's Survivor Pick'Em game.
Private Tribe: RealityFanForum

In order to join the tribe, just go to:
and click the "Sign me up" link and then
choose to Join a Private Tribe.  Then, when
prompted, enter the following information...

    Tribe Number: 2094
    Password: mangos

Users with previous Lance's Survivor Pick'Em accounts
should use the link above to log into their existing
New users may go directly to the following link
to set up a new account:

Hope to see ya there!  :jumpy:

Jeffrey Scott:
Had a great game this season.

Jeffrey Scott:
Anyone else play this year?

Just the regular game, not the tribes.

How did it go? Backstabbing, blindsiding, drama???

Or did the nice guy win?? :funny:

Jeffrey Scott:
Not gonna officially spoil till the game is over, but no the nice guy is not going to win. Maybe I'll win next year.  :funny:
Though I placed the same as last year. Though this was my first year playing in the H.O.C.
I also played a second game in a regular tribe. Made it about half way. Not to bad considering I was concentrating mostly on chiefs character.


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