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:barlineRuhpolding & Schönau am Königsee, Germany --  Salzburg, Austria (Nov 3)

Mrs Shrek's blog find:
• I also have to say that one of the most exciting points of the day was when we saw signs for the show "The Amazing Race."  It was being filmed at the palace where the famous Sound of Music gazebo now is.  I took a picture of one of the signs that I saw, but there also were about 15 matching white Mercedes out front that were supposed to belong to the people in the amazing race. After I took a picture, an angry man came and put a garbage bag over the sign. 

Michael's blog find:

• The driver pulled down the window and asked a young Austrian man for directions. I recognized right away that the driver spoke American English, so being the helpful American I am, I pulled around the front of the car to see if I could help. The Austrian man was fishing for his English vocabulary. Both the front and rear driver's side windows were down. A young man was driving, what I guess was his wife or girlfriend was behind him.
"How do you get to Schloss Hellbrunn?" the man asked me. He and the woman were frazzled, amazingly desperate! And they were covered in what looked like an amazing amount blood, guts, and pumpkin rot. But it all looked fake. Plus they had tons of make-up on.
I explained that they needed to turn back onto the major road they had just left, Alpenstraße, and head straight down until they passed underneath and underpass. Then they should take the very next right which would lead them down a wooded country lane.
By the time I had finished my first sentence, out of the car from the front and back passenger seats raced the camera man and the boom (sound) man, and they were both on me. I was good. Amazingly enough, I didn't look into the camera! I put a foot on my peddle to push off and ride away when the boom man caught my eye. He shook his head quickly as if to say, "Don't race off!"
The camera man turned off his camera and the boom man, an American, explained to the Austrian and me that we had to sign a release or this footage couldn't be used.
While we signed the paperwork, the woman in the backseat swore. They were in an amazing rush! The boom man turned to her and said, "Look, I told you. If you ask people questions, we have to do this. If you don't like it, don't ask for help."
"What kind of show is this?" I asked.
"A travel show," he replied.
"What channel?" I asked.
"I'm not sure," he said. Amazing, if that were true!
"What's the show called?" I asked.
Then he (sort of) came clean. He said, "I can only tell you that it's a pretty popular one!"
Off into the car they went. I wave and they raced off.
So this was some sort of race! Amazing, I thought, that I was caught in the middle of it.
I swore myself to secrecy--this was big stuff--I couldn't tell people about this! In two minutes I was home and spilling my guts to Jenny. Then one of my students came over 15 minutes later to pick up some soup, and I was telling her before she even sat down.
After my student left, Jenny suggested we head to Hellbrunn (only 5 minutes from our apartment) to see what we could see. There's a huge playground there and we promised Nikolas he could play there a bit (he said 40 minutes, and we said about 10--hey, it was getting dark!).
When we got to Hellbrunn, I noticed not one, but three cars that looked like the one I'd seen earlier. They each had numbers in the back window. The highest number I saw was 11.
When we tried to enter the castle grounds, we were immediately forced to make a U-Turn by a staff member. "Das Schloss ist zu wegen Dreharbeit." Closed due to filming...hmmm.
Just then, another white car pulled into the parking lot. A different set of people but with camera and boom men. They held each other's hands and headed right past us through a different door than the main entrance. I wanted to tell them that the path they were taking was a Detour, but I figured it wasn't my place.
In fact, a staff member came up to us a short time later and asked us in German if we'd said anything to the couple. "Nein," we answered. Dang, can't we be friendly?
Jenny decided to take Nikolas down that path to see where the couple was headed. I waited in case more white cars appeared in the parking lot. None did, and soon Jenny was back to tell me that she's seen "things." Well, I wanted to see things, too, so off I went along the path. The pathway was heavily wooded so it was even darker. Up ahead I could see huge lights, the kind you see on film sets. But there was a Roadblock between lights and me: a gate and a staff member. I spoke to the staff member for a moment. I asked him if they were filming an advertisement (playing dumb I was) and he spilled his guts. And while he spilled, I looked through the gate and saw "things."
Fast Forward to me catching up with Jenny and Nikolas in the park. We saw bobbing through the trees what looked like a TV camera light. Two women were running together. One was hobbling. The other said, "I'm going ahead a bit," and the other countered with, "OK, go ahead." Off into the park they went, clueless as the day was long.
Satisfied with the afternoon's excitement, we headed home and made a Pit Stop at Rossbräu, a local restaurant. No one recognized me from TV and I didn't tell anyone who I was.

follow up thanks to peach:
• Yes, it was November 3. Whoever guessed the time of 4:45-5:15 was just about spot on. It was indeed a Pitstop because we could see through a side gate the check-in mat, a greeter dressed as Mozart (I'm assuming a man), and Phil. Phil was dressed in jacket, hat, and gloves and looked cold. It was chilly that night but it was a good chilly!

• The exact location of the Pitstop was just inside the inner courtyard on the left-hand side. In the Forum Hellbrun overview photo, you see four photo icons/squares in a line across the courtyard when you enter it from the long entry road. The Pitstop was located between the first and second icons on the left.
I'm including two more photos of the team of two women. Not very good ones, but then again, your photo people might have some fun. Finally, there's a photo of the cars the next morning. My wife went jogging out to Hellbrunn at about 6:30am. She said that they'd closed up shop, so it looks like there were no day-late stragglers like there sometimes are (which must drive them insane).
What else? I overheard camera/sound folks expressing frustrations about their teams not having a clue but nothing very specific. It seems after teams check in, their camera/sound folks are done for the day. At different times, crews climbed into a black van and were whisked off into the Hellbrunn grounds, I'm assuming to wherever there was a buffet for staff since it was dinner time, but I have no proof of that.
All the best and good luck with your research!

• Regarding the gory slime: at first, I thought they'd been involved in a Halloween event even though it was Nov. 3. Halloween is celebrated here but not like it is at home. They sell some "Scream" masks in the stores--that's about it. Anyway, my wife guessed that they could've been taking part in some local custom, maybe something with beer brewing or cheese making. BUT the woman in the car I first saw as well as the older man and woman whom we saw at Hellbrunn had the stuff on them in places you'd figure you would clean up right away, like on your face. It's almost as if they were made up like that and were expected to leave it on. But again, I have no proof. There was some slime on one of the cars that I passed by. I should've taken a sample! By the way, the team of two women appeared to have no slime on them whatsoever which would imply they had a choice in a previous activity. A Detour?
As I thought more about it today, I do remember a crew member saying something about climbing a mountain earlier in the day. Something how his team person saw arrows pointing downward, but she thought it was a trick, so she went back up the mountain. Again, that was a fleeting conversation and I may be messing up the details.

• The girls were nowhere near last! When we left Hellbrunn, there were only five or six white cars there. The next day, my wife took the photo with some dozen cars. No, I have a feeling that it was going to be a late night because we left at 6 p.m. or so and there had been no sign of anyone else arriving. Again, my wife is sure that by 6:30 a.m. the next day, all had been wrapped up. She ran through the courtyard where the Pitstop had been, and it was all cleaned up.

• They were definitely not African American. I would guess that they were mid- to late- twenties, but it was getting dark so I could be totally off. The one in the pink had brown hair, the other had lighter hair, but not blond. The one in the pink dropped her water bottle, which was white. The camera man got the drop and the pick up on film, then they all started off again. They were totally heading the wrong way, convinced that lights on a pond area must be lighting the Pitstop. It took them a good five minutes to figure out where they really needed to be.

•peach adds per blogger:
The couple he gave directions to in the car: It was actually Amanda and Kris! The women look similar (Jennifer and Amanda), but the guy was definitely Kris. They seemed to be very tanned when I saw them, but it may have been make-up now that I think about it.
Yes, the older man and woman are the ones we saw (she was limping). ...but she does look good for her age. {this was Brad/Victoria}
Yes, the two young redheads are the women who got lost in Hellbrunn park.

•Thanks to CBS's post race video release "Amazing Race Montage"
The Amazing Race detectives have now confirmed:
Ruhpolding, Bavaria, Germany thanks to Chateau d if
Schönau am Königsee (or King's Lake), Bavaria, Germany thanks to Uncle Bill, DrRox, Slowhatch, Chateau d if

Map thanks much to Neobie


Episode Detail: Your Target Is Your Partner's Face (Germany) - Amazing Race 14
The 10 remaining teams travel from Switzerland to Germany, where one racer becomes lost and the teams participate in a pie-throwing event before arriving at the pit stop in Austria.

Next On The Amazing Race
 Your Target is Your Partner's Face (Germany)
An injured racer must make a game altering decision when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate. Lost in the Alps! One team's hopes are pinned on a rescue on a secluded mountain road. Teams get creamed with Austrian schlog and one team turns to a horse to decipher their clue.

Fly to Munich!

Paragliding or Hike, Roadblock

Ruhpolding, Bavaria, Germany thanks to Uncle Bill, DrRox, Slowhatch, Chateau d if


Mike & Mel

  Linda is lost ....

Cakes/ Detour
Flag in the background is Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden , Berchtesgaden, Germany thanks to Chateau d if

Tammy & Victor

Amanda & Kris

Marge & Luke

  Brad & Victoria

Jodi & Christie


Schönau am Königsee (or King's Lake), Bavaria, Germany thanks to Chateau

Cara & Jamie

Pitstop, Schloss Hellbrunn

thanks to Neobie!

The links are tenuous and the assumptions huge, but it's an educated guess!
*Assumes placings remain constant throughout Bavaria*

Based on Salzburg spoiler, Amanda/Kris should be in Top 3.
Tammy/Victor beat Amanda/Kris, Luke/Margie and Brad/Victoria to the pies.
Tammy/Victor likely to be Top 2.

Based on Salzburg spoiler again, Brad/Victoria are likely 4th and Cara/Jamie 5th.
Amanda and Brad are together on the gondola.
Amanda/Kris therefore likely to be 3rd.

Amanda/Kris, Brad/Victoria, Jodi/Christie, Michael/Mark are together at Roadblock, when
Linda and Mel talk of "more teams are on their way".
The only unaccounted teams are Luke/Margie and LaKisha/Jennifer.
Could we place them at the Bottom 4 together with Linda/Steve and Mike/Mel?

Kiwi Jay:
 :lol: :funny: that is such a Funny title. Only 6 days left nearing on 5 days!  :yess:

oh .......saved for future screencaps!

Very appropriate title. 

So we have:

Travel from Interlaken by train or car

Arrive in Ruhpolding, Germany

ROADBLOCK - Paragliding

Drive through Berchtesgaden to Schoenau am Konigsee

DETOUR - (1) Cake in the Face, or (2) Segway around the lake


Do teams have a pit stop in Bavaria, or do they drive the short distance to Salzburg?

If they go to Salzburg, then find Schloss Helbrunn.

Pit Stop.  The second team is eliminated.


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