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Big thank you to retard boi for the recap!! :ty3: :ty3: :ty3:

Great job, hope this can be a weekly event! :jumpy:

From a quick glance, most of those intro flashs are our past seasons

Do we try to upstage the Israeli TPTB as well? :lol:

These shots are new in the opening sequence!
0:11 Pool in the mountains
0:14 10000 Buddha Temple, Shatin, Hong Kong
0:20 JAG Air, Queenstown, New Zealand
0:21 Bungee jumping, New Zealand?
0:33 Train, CSL something?
0:37 Rotorua? Is this shot recycled or no?
0:39 African tribespeople, Episode 1?
0:39 Monkey we haven't met before
0:40 Bridge, I think I know where this is!
0:40 Indian temple, have we seen this before?
0:40 Beer!
0:40 Kun Iam statue, Macau? The eyes look very strange...
0:40 Lion dancers
0:40 Indian girls holding a pole
0:40 Dragon heads, Macau
0:41 Indian band

In the recycling bin: Our windowless plane, Chicago, Fuji, Shotover Jet, Auckland, Bolo-monkey, Glacier Ice Beach, Tokyo, Ayutthaya, Barcelona, Shanghai, safari in Botswana, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, London, St Remy de Provence!

Looks like we get a jaunt through India! Germany for the beer?
*counts on fingers* 2 legs S Africa, Hong Kong, Macau, Sydney, 2 legs New Zealand, India, Germany; we've 9 legs at least?

Kiwi Jay:
Love it. Gosh Hanna and Margalit were far ahead and fell from 4th to 10th! I am really happy that teams are all together now!

<< can't recall maybe TAR7


Hes been around

I forget but this is old

Mt Fuji TAR9

Bolo monkey TAR6

Iceland I think TAR6

Hong Kong TAR9 I think

Shanghai skyline (I forget what season? 7 ?)



TAR9 I think

TAR7 I think


old one as well used a lot


These are old as well


these are new

dragon heads in Senado Square 

 Rock Pub Sydney?


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