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:welcome3: to the MAPS for TAR 14!

As always, I'll be depending on everyone's help to make this a success, so please remember the Maps! as you research the race.

If you have Map or a Map tool that you think is great or have found useful--PLEASE add it here or let me know by PM and I will add it right into the correct spot so we can all use it! 

As you post Maps or links to Maps in the threads, it is also VERY helpful if you could either give me a head's up here or by PM so I don't miss it, or just add a link to the post or the map itself here.
VR /Interactive links are appreciated too! 

I'm really happy to be the librarian here but would like this to be a team effort--so please--send lots!

Thanks everybody!  :hugs:


Map store!

Please post your map finds in this thread, and they will be moved to the appropriate leg.

Please label each map clearly with where it is (name of the country, city, town, or park--for example).

Thanks everybody!

Need some ideas on how to find maps?
Here are some search ideas from Slowhatch:   :ty3:

    Perry-Castenada Collection and links page

    Odden's Bookmarks

    Google search with "location maps"


    Info Hub--maps

    Google Earth Explorer

    Google Maps

    MAP source for Africa and Central America

    COUNTRY facts --dialing codes, maps, time zones, etc  Thanks to Slowhatch!

    Viagem Portuguese links to major cities Thanks to Slowhatch

    Emporis Maps  "Emporis Maps is a map system. Instead of just searching for addresses Emporis Maps combines location-based information with building data from Emporis." Thanks to Slowhatch!

*** Wonderful MAP Link! *** Thanks to puddin, this interactive link has loads of info on each country, as well as easy, zoomable Google and GE maps. Try it! Worldmaps Infoseek

Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

Since the MAP thread can become slow to load once it is full of MAPS!, I'm going to try having links to each section individually so you can click right on the Leg you want to see.

Welcome Note

Search Ideas and Map Links

Table of Contents

Neobie's AYL (Amazing Yellow Line) MAP!

LEG 1: Starting line

Leg 1



Map used with permission and will be updated as new info is obtained.

STARTING LINE for TAR 14:   Episode 1 Airdate:  2/15/09       Filming date: 10/31/08


       >>> LOS ANGELES area   again! :groan:

              >>> Starting Line: Los Alamitos Airfield, near Long Beach

              zoomable map:
View Larger Map


               >>> LAX:



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