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Good for them that their daughter's doing well.  I hope their marriage is just fine, too.

Apparently Aaron is competing on the current season of Cutthroat Kitchen on the Food Network.

Hasn't mentioned TAR, but apparently he did mention his past career (pre-TAR) as n underwear model; something that was known when his season aired 10 years ago!

I can't believe I watched them a decade ago...Just wow...............

Apparently the Food Network liked Aaron's two appearances on Cutthroat Kitchen (he won one of them). They invited him to audition for the the 12th season of The Next Food Network Star and he was selected to be one of the contestants. The winner is supposed to get their own show on the Food Network, but that hasn't always happened. Apparently it depends on how thrilled they are with the winner. I believe there are other prizes, but I can't find that information on the show's web page.

They have already aired the first episode and Aaron survived, though he was in the bottom and was up for elimination. He apparently didn't salt him food enough, but they eliminated another contestant that burned his dish. I watched the last half of it and never realized that I had seen Aaron before. Here's an excerpt from a critique of the episode on the Food Network website:

Aaron Crumbaugh:

A chipper former model and family man is our future "meat man" for Food Network? While Aaron's coffee-rubbed steak with chimichurri was a great idea, the judges found it lacked salt. Do you see Bobby’s face when someone forgets to salt food? This self-described "farm boy ... chef ... stay-at-home dad" (whaaat?) needs to reel it in and put it all out there if he wants to cook bison steak for America.

Here's Aaron's bio page on the show's web page:

Here's an article from the Spokane, WA newspaper (where he and Hayden live) about his selection to be on the show and some his cooking tips:

Good on Hayden & Aaron, I read that they had a daughter but didn't realise of her condition until reading this post. They were a great team full of memorability, such as their first place wins in Iceland and Sweden, their bickering of course, their love for each other and determination to succeed and ultimately their elimination in X'ian promoting Aaron to propose to her. They were one of the best teams that season, and wanted them for an All-Stars edition. The other teams I loved were Lena & Kristy, Don & Mary Jean, Gus & Hera, Jonathan & Victoria (yes you heard me), Lori & Bolo and Adam & Rebecca. Kris & Jon are an honorable mention.


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