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I noticed that in addition to her flight attendant job, Jodi has become quite the casting agent.  She found and recruited the latest Big Brother winner and she also recruited three of the cast in the Survivor that just ended a few days ago.  You can read about some of it on her twitter page.

Jodi comes in contact with a lot of people through her job with SWA.......only makes sense that she finds people that might make good contestants and gets them to the interviewers.....I would say more of a "talent scout" than a "casting agent" though. She does mention it a lot on her FB page too.

I think she found Chase and Brenda...cant remember who the 3rd one was though.


Christie is part of this organization called 'Whispers of Hope', a non-profit program! It's a wonderful cause to help the people enhance their lives through horseback riding. They currently have 4 horses in their stable and are looking for donations to help bring in a 5th one (Lily)

Their facebook page:!/pages/Whispers-of-Hope-at-Newey-Ranch/392190007491097?fref=ts

Their official website:

So please help to get the word out and help in anyway possible! Thanks a bunch!

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