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♥♥♥ TAR14: Christie Volkmer & Jodi Wincheski - Co workers

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It is specially nice to finally get to hear this team! We have known about them the longest of any of the teams, I think, and I feel like they are "friends" already! They look as though they have a great team rapport, and all that travel experience should definitely help them along the way. Can't wait to see more! :hearts:

TARAsia Fan:
I agree with Peach. I think their airport experiences will help when they have to travel by air. They speak the airport language, but with fewer flights this season, can they actually finish high in the pack?

Kiwi Jay:
Do Like them but dont want them high in the game!

idk, I sense they'll have really bad luck and be the first out

I don't know why, but I think they will outlast the doublemints and make the F3. They won't win though.

Watch me be entirely wrong!

Prediction: 3rd place finish


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