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Mark Munoz (48); Michael Munoz (51)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif./Maui, Hawaii
Occupation: Mark (Stuntman/Jockey); Michael (Stuntman/Actor)
Relationship: Brothers/Stuntmen

This Team of brothers has been competing – against everyone else and each other – their entire life. Standing at 4’ 9” these married fathers are ready to prove they have what it takes to win one-million dollars.

Mark makes his living as a stuntman and occasionally works as a jockey. This father of two is looking forward to running the Race with his brother in order to continue building on their relationship. Mark believes that the biggest advantage he and his teammate have over their competition is their fitness level and ability to make split second decisions, a skill they have mastered after years of working in physically and mentally demanding fields. Mark enjoys skiing, biking and golfing and describes himself as short, athletic and creative.

Michael is looking forward to working on communication issues he and his brother have had with each other in the past. Michael, also a father of two, splits his time between Maui and Los Angeles. His favorite hobbies include playing music and surfing. He claims that the biggest difference between the two is that he is the surfer and Mark is the skier. Both have worked extensively in films and television including the feature films “Van Helsing,” “Spiderman” and “Seabiscuit.”

They chose similar paths in their lives and, after years of surfing big waves and racing horses around a track, they’re eager to run the Race of a lifetime with one another for a shot at a million dollars.


Donít write these guys off because of their size. Both have worked as stuntmen, and have a huge list of physical activities on their CV. They are brothers, so their relationship is solid and wonít be self destructing midway through the event. I think the final recap task might be what finishes this team, and I think they will end up where Brian and Greg deserved to finish.


In an attempt to not let another all-male team win, CBS did it again! With the cast of 2 non-alpha male teams! (which is good)

I think they are a force to be reckon with, but they won't win. Won't be supporting them either.

Great video! There is nothing "little" about this team!! Love the brother/brother dynamics, think their strength will be a huge asset! Looking forward to seeing more! :hearts:

TARAsia Fan:
I think they'll provide some comic relief on the race.


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