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Tammy Jih (26); Victor Jih (35)
Hometown: San Francisco, Calif./Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Lawyers
Relationship: Siblings/Lawyers

If they can manage to work together, this smart and sassy brother/sister duo – both with Harvard Law degrees – might have just what it takes to outsmart the competition and cross the finish line first.

Tammy is a litigator who believes that her ability to keep a cool head under pressure, especially with little or no sleep, will lead to success on the Race. Her biggest pet peeve with her brother is that he’s a bit of a control freak. This was never more evident than when they recently traveled with friends to China and Victor mapped out the entire trip down to the minute.

Victor is a partner at his law firm and works as a corporate litigator. He is running the Race to see if he and his sister can co-exist in a hyper-competitive situation without driving each other crazy. Victor thinks that his teammate can be immature and selfish and he’s hoping the Race will remedy that.

Victor is confident in his decision making and believes his sister should do what he says as he knows best. Tammy would like to prove to Victor that she’s not a baby anymore and that it’s time he view her as an equal. Victor is modeling his game play after the cut-throat style of Rob and Amber while Tammy prefers Season 12 winners TK and Rachel’s laid back approach.

Both have traveled extensively and are supremely confident in their ability to win the million dollar prize.


A weaker form of Azaria and Hendekea, I canít see these two working together for very long. Victorís control issues will be what drives this team apart after a few legs. They claim to be able to make good decisions, even with little or no sleep, but I doubt that to be entirely true. Tammy and Victor: Welcome to the Elimination Station.


I on the other hand, think they will make the final 6 at least. I think they're strong but will suffer an Azaria and Hendekea elimination.

I know i should be rooting for Asians, but they don't appeal much to me for now. But it'll change later on, maybe..

Meet the new teams on 'The Amazing Race'
AP Entertainment Writer

Brother-and-sister team Victor Jih, 35, and Tammy Jih, 26, both graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School and now work as corporate litigators in California.

"Having seven years of higher education under our belts, we thought it would give us a big advantage because we're good at learning," said Tammy. "We went into this race knowing that everything we would face would be difficult and new and things that we're not familiar with, but we were really comfortable in the fact that we're good learners."

Instant LOVE! Totally relate to the work-school-work thing, been there/done that. Can't believe with their high profile careers that they both were able to get away to do the race. Great brother/sister dynamics, I think they will rock this race! :hearts:


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