Author Topic: Alicia voted off; Shii-Ann next to go?  (Read 1075 times)

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Alicia voted off; Shii-Ann next to go?
« on: April 23, 2004, 08:35:40 PM »
Alicia voted off; Shii-Ann next to go?
By Laura Dempsey

Dayton Daily News

And the Rob keeps rollin' along. . . With a Reward Challenge designed to create animosity, Rob, who lost to Rupert, was able to avoid the evil eye aimed at Rupie, whose reward required him to assign food from steak to rice to each remaining Survivor.

Shii-Ann got the rice (Rupert took the steak for himself), a clear sign of what everybody thought of her not much. The boot order was well-established, and she was next.

So, of course, Shii-Ann won Immunity, another amazing example of how Survivor manages to pull the impossible out of the inevitable, keeping our flagging interest despite ourselves.

On the block at Tribal Council were Alicia, Rob and Rupert: Alicia got the votes and realized, a little too late, that her handshake deal with Rob wasn't worth a hoot.

As Jeff likes to point out, at this point it's not just who goes, but how they go. Alicia made it clear in her closing statements that Boston Rob wasn't getting her jury vote when it comes down to making the million-dollar decision.

Another nuance worth noting: Rob, though still in charge, faltered a little. He voiced a little fear that he could have been sent home, and he admitted that love-bunny Amber could be playing him big time. It was clear, however, that even if Amber becomes his betrayer, Rob wouldn't change a thing. He's in love.