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Raz Meirman is the new host of TAR Israel, as we mentioned here sometime back. He is a model and was on the second season of the Israeli Dancing with the Stars in 2006.

Kynt and Vyxsin did a nice post on TAR Israel back in their blog here:

and have since been in contact with Raz Meirman, who has kindly agreed to do an Interview with them this week!!  :jumpy:
This will be the first US Interview!

Kynt has asked that if any of us have some ideas of questions for Raz, that we post them here by Wednesday, and he will try to include them in the interview.

So here's our chance...anyone have any burning questions for the new host about being the host, or about TAR Israel??
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Are there any plans to have the race subtitled in English?  :hearts:

How did you become involved with TAR? Were you a fan of the TAR Asia or the US versions?

Both Phil and Alan have been very popular as hosts. How do you plan to make your own mark on the show?

What would you like most like those in the US who are unfamiliar with your work to know about you?

Will you be following the other races' formats (Mat eliminations, etc) or are there any differences?

Phill has said that sometimes he is in a race himself to stay ahead of the contestants, did you have any troubles/adventures this time? Was the travel demanding?

Do you have a favorite location from this season?

Will you be doing some sort of a blog or video diary during the race?

It seems as though TAR Israel is following some of the previous races (both US and Asia) regarding locations and tasks. Was this planned to simplify the first race in utilizing previous contacts?

There do seem to be a number of "mactors"  on the race, how do you think that worked as a casting tool?

Who did that awesome commercial?
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How'd you get such a tremendously fabulous job?

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Was it a shortened race like the U.S. version or was it actually a reasonable length?

Were there U-turns and Speed Bumps or Yields and other sorts of penalties?

Does this race plan to travel the whole world or just parts close to Israel?

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Did you enjoy hosting the first edition of The Amazing Race?

Have you travelled extensively before this program?

Is this the best job you've ever had?

Did The Amazing Race Israel visit any countries that have never been visited by TAR Asia or the US editions?
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 :lol:  Has he seen or touched any monkeys?    :monkey

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Kynt and Vyxsin have now posted the very first official INTERVIEW with Raz Meirman!! Thanks for sharing guys!! :hugs:

And WAIT until you see the pictures! :fan:

Also in Hebrew!Includes cast clips and updates!

Here is a taste:

How did you get cast as the Host for the Amazing Race Israel (HaMerotz LaMillion)?

I was already working as a lawyer in a big law firm when my mobile phone rangÖ. Without a lot of expectations, I tried my luck in a casting and then I was invited for yet another one, and so on. Finally, the Israeli producers were convinced but Disney had to approve it, and when they did I was really thrilled! I didnít have my gut feeling on this one Ė it was too good to be true and everyone was competing for this job.

We read in the Israeli newspaper The Haaretz that the Finale of Amazing Race Israel (HaMerotz LaMillion) has not yet been filmed? When do you all plan to film the Finale episode?

Thatís a top secret! All the info regarding the finale is confidential! But itís true that the winner wasnít declared.

Why did you all decide to postpone filming the Finale of HaMerotz LaMillion?

Since Israel is such a small country Ė of only 7 million Ė and people have a tendency to talk too much and everybody knows everybody, it was a high risk that the production didnít want to take. Nobody likes spoilersÖ

We had to make sure that the tension will rise and climb to itís peak at the Finale.

Read more here!!
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My To-Do List:

1. Learn to speak Hebrew.
2. Watch this show.
3. Learn to flirt with people without scaring them off.
4. Flirt with that guy.


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