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I've been thinking that the photos Gman shared with us deserve their own thread and seeing that today is Gmans B-Day I thought .. no time like the present.

And while I'm here, Happy Birthday Gman!  :partie: :hbday: :party: :wine:


These photos are thanks to Gman from his trip in December  :yess:

Pix from my last trip to Salzburg in December.

1.  Mirabell Gardens
2. Fortress
3. River thru city
4.  Me and Rune in front of Fortress
5.  Mozart Birth House
6. Bran Castle, Transylvania
7.Peles Castle.


  Brasov is the most central small city in
Transylvania, and a good base to go to Bran's Castle, Peles Castle and
other places in the area.

1.  Main square with "Black" Church in BG
2.  Fancy Fountain
3. Old Town Hall
4.Remains of the Old City Wall

1.Brans Castle (The Home of Dracula)
2 Brans Castle Courtyard
3.Brans Castle Secret passageway
Sinaia, Transylvania
4.  Peles Castle -
5.  Armor Hall
6.  A typical room
7.  Statuary Court Yard

As promised, pictures of Bucharest:

1. Victory arch
2. Former Communist Headquarters with monument to those who died in the
1989 revolution.
3. Military Club
4.  Orthodox Church
5. Peoples Palace
6. St. Anthony's Orthodox Church
7. Roman Ruins
8. Monument to the heros of  WWII
9.Press Building


1.  Black Church Facade
2.  Black Church entrance
3.  Real Gypsies
4.  More Real Gypsies
5.  Brasov Street Scene
6.  Brasov Park

Some pix that people may be interested in.  Unfortunately just when we
arrived in Kleine Scheidegg (the gateway to the Eiger and Jungfrau
mountains, the fog rolled in!)

1 Alpine Mountains
2  More Mountains
3  Alpine Village
4 Lake Brienzersee
5 Interlaken - Paras landing
6. Jungfrau from Interlaken
7. Lauterbrunnen Valley
8.  Cog railway on way to Jungfrau
9. Jungfrau

10. Eiger North Face
11. Eiger and Jungfrau
12. Mountains
13  More Mountains

The cog railway runs from Lauterbrunnen up to Kleine Scheidegg where you
can get another cog railway up to the summit of the Jungfrau (actually
you end up inside the mountain and you take an elevator up )


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