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What happened ROB!? Call me babe!

Rob: is what I know happened.............The power went out.

Let me elaborate. The neighbors have power & wireless internet, I have a laptop, that is charged.

I heard a noise & saw a light early in the show, didn't know what it was, but I now suspect that it was the power line arching. Shortly towards the end of the show, my furnace when ape-**** so I ran up and turned it off...that is when I hard a terrible noise, ran to the window to see a small explosion on the power poll next to my house. That is when the power went out, and my desktop is on a battery backup, so I was able to save the show...thank goodness.

Now, setting here in the dark, the temp outside is -17 degrees, and trying to figure out how to stay warm.

I am trying to save the power on my cell phone, so I probably won't call you, unless you call my landline. I can't sleep when the power is out, because my box fan isn't running, so I have a white noise app on my ipod touch that I will try to sleep with for a while, but i need to charge that up...thats why my laptop is on, and hopefully I can sleep later.

Do you need me to come over there and cuddle to keep you warm?  :kisses

We thought the boogeyman got you!

Have you called the power company? Hopefully they can get you up and running soon!

If it is minus 17 I'd be heading to a hotel or my Mom's, :lol:

Be safe and stay warm!! Hot water bottles, that's the ticket. :yess:

Power is back on now...glad to be back to normal life :)



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