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Who should win $100,000?

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I'm torn! Matty? Ace? Charlie? Bob? ummm Randy?  :cmaslol

Welcome to Sprint's Player of the Season!
It's the end of the season and you, the fans, get to vote on which Survivor you think best out-witted, out-played and out-lasted the others. The Survivor with the most votes will be awarded $100,000 during the series finale. And guess what? Your vote could make you $10,000 richer. Ten grand for a minute's worth of work -- about the time it takes to log-in and vote. Not bad, huh?

The Player of the Season vote is open from Thursday at 8pm ET (5pm PT) to Sunday at 2:59pm ET (11:59am PT). Don't forget to tune in to the final episode of Survivor: Gabon Sunday at 8:00pm ET/PT to find out which Survivor will win the $100,000 prize

Sugar for entertaining me all season??  :xmas146

Charlie because hes too cute!


--- Quote from: puddin on December 11, 2008, 11:55:08 PM ---Charlie because hes too cute!

--- End quote ---

He sure is!

Ah look at those wonderful smiles, thanks for sharing peach <3


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