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Amazing Race 13 Awards Ceremony
« on: December 08, 2008, 08:47:54 AM »
Well, another season is in the books and it is time for the awards for this season.

First up, the Jonathan Award. This prestigious award goes to the racer or team that best demonstrates abuse and/or genuine hatred for their teammate.
On this season, there was not much hate to go around, which saddens me to a degree because it is always fun to see a team fall apart in front of you.

However, the nominees for the Jonathan Award are:

Ken and Tina, for their small, but predictable fights at least once a leg.
Dan, for his constant insulting of Andrew, mostly regarding his ability to walk quickly.
Terrence and Sarah, for their unprecedented arguing from the first leg, right up to their elimination in Kazakhstan.

And the winner of the Jonathan Award is...

Terrence and Sarah!

Next up is the Weaver Award. This award goes to the racer or team that best embodies the spirit of the Weaver family and draws the hatred of the other teams.

In a race with little hate, their is only one nominee.

Nick and Starr earn the award after siding with Ken and Tina to draw in hate, then pushing sports bra's off ledges to seal the deal.

Next is the Fran and Barry award. Every season the Fran and Barry award is given to the team that proves themselves to be the best at missing crucial things on the racecourse.

In a season full of mistakes, this was a difficult award to place.

The nominees for the Fran and Barry award are:

Terence and Sarah, for passing by several clueboxes on the race.

Mark and Bill, for mis-reading their clue in Bolivia, which ultimately caused their elimination.

Kelly and Christy, for their repeated errors when it came to reading clues, most notably twice in one leg.

And the winner of the Fran and Barry award is:

Kelly and Christy, with what has to be a record number of errors throughout the race.

Next is the Kynt and Vyxsin Award, which goes to the team that stands out like a pimple on a pumpkin. For this award, there can only be one winner, and they are:

Anita and Arthur, for their fantastic tie-dye shirts and their great attitude towards their only leg.

Next up is the Charla Award, which every season is given to the racer or team that goes well beyond the expectations of other racers and the fans of the show. Previous winners of the Charla Award include Donald, Meredith and Gretchen and Charla herself.

The nominees for the Charla Award are:

Toni, for performing well beyond what many expected to be a hindrance to Dallas.

Sarah, for being able to consistently outpace some of the faster men of the race, something which has never been witnessed before on the race.

Andrew and Dan, for simply making the final three in circumstances that nobody thought possible.

The winner of the Charla Award is:

Toni! Time and time again Toni pushed herself beyond what many thought would be her limit. On the race, Toni proved that age is just a state of mind and was always right there with Dallas every step of the way.

Next, the infamous Romber Award.

Ever since All-Stars, the Romber Award has been given to the racer or team that succeeds in letting the fans down. Ever since Rob and Amber's miserable finish on the all-star edition, teams have followed their lead and continued to disappoint.

The nominees for the Romber Award are:

Terence, for being a bigger girl than Sarah on the race, and having her look after his every need. Special attention is brought to the quote "Can you blow on it?" When Terence suffered a minor cut to the head. (NOTE: This has nothing to do with the meat eating Fast Forward. I have nothing but respect for Terence not wanting to sell out his morals.)

Mark and Bill, for their less than impressive 9th place finish after looking really strong early on in the race. Their failure to read their clue correctly, and Mark's altitude sickness were the major players in this drama.

Anthony and Stephanie, for finishing in a much worse position than many expected. Prior to the race, many would have looked at the two and predicted them to go far. Two legs was far enough for them in the end.

And the winner of the Romber Award is:

Anthony and Stephanie. Sorry, but there is just no excuses for not being able to lift beyond tenth, given some of the HUGE mistakes made by teams in that leg.

Next is the Hendekea Award, which every season is given to the team that makes the biggest blunder when it comes to airports. This season, several teams made bids for the award in the very first leg, but the award has to go to the team that made this mistake first.

Andrew and Dan are the winners of the Hendekea Award.

And finally, the Steve and Dave Award, named in honour of Steve and Dave who in every leg, except the one they were eliminated in, came in second last. This award is unique in that it is totally objective and is based purely on the numbers and not perceptions.

The winners of the Steve and Dave Award for Season Thirteen are Andrew and Dan.

Bring on Season Fourteen and the next set of Amazing Racey's

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Re: Amazing Race 13 Awards Ceremony
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2008, 12:38:57 PM »
coutzy, I will step up to the bar and comment on your awards. I find them highly entertaining. I would have picked different teams for:

Jonathan Award - Terence and Sarah do not merit this. It should have gone to Andrew and Dan.

Weaver Award - I have a totally different view of Nick/Starr. They were not hated by the other teams(except for Kelly/Christy whose hatred of Nick/Starr did not appear to be grounded in reality, but that was typical of them); they were feared at very strong and sneaky competitors.

Romber Award - it is not important what happened to Stephanie and Anthony since they were not going anywhere in this race in any event. However, Bill and Mark had genuine aspirations and would have gone a long way in this race given the opportunity. I think Bill and Mark have earned this award.
Hendekea Award - I guess you missed the Video Extra clip(first one in the Finale series) about how Ken and Tina allowed a taxi driver to take them all the way to Sheremetyevo airport at 4am in the final hours before the one flight that would connect for morning arrival in Portland. Unfortunately, that flight left from Domodedovo airport which is on the opposite side of the Moscow suburbs. They were very lucky that they were had enough time (thanks to a 7 hour pitstop) to change course and get to the right airport. It could have cost them a level start in Portland coming off the plane. This award unquestionably goes to Ken and Tina. The airport blunder by Andrew and Dan was so minor that I can't remember what it was.

However, I would have picked the same on the other half of your awards.

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Re: Amazing Race 13 Awards Ceremony
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2008, 02:16:53 PM »
We did discover from Anthony and Stephanie that during their elimination episode, their photographer lost most of their tape due to an equipment malfunction so about 60-75% of what was shot before they hit the mat was gone. That is what happened and that is why we did not see them for most of the episode.
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