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Congratulations to the Winners of TAR 13 Nick & Starr!!

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Winners --Congratulations Nick and Starr!!  :jam: :wtg:  :partie: :party:

Second place -- Congratulations to Tina and Ken as well!  :yourock: :martini: :wine: :cheer:

Third place --Congratulations Dandrew and thanks for the laughs  :gj: :hfive:

CONGRATULATIONS!  :cmas23 :cmas9

I'm not unhappy with the results. I think N/S deserved to win even though K/T had all the good karma on their side. I've got to say that last edit before the finish line made me think K/T had won.

BTW, did you see the previews for million dollar password? was that Phil or was my mind tricking me?

It was a good ending...congrats to all the teams..they all made it a great season!

Kiwi Jay:
The teams made this race:

Well done to all teams  :cmas26

Cannot wait for Season Fourteen  :cmas20


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