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Question Bank: What to ask Racers at TARcon

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I have several for TARCON XIII:
1. Where and when were each extended pitstop?
2. What direction were teams given for the LAX to Salvador flights. They appeared limited to the choice of a route through Miami and Rio de Janeiro or through Chicago and Sao Paulo? Were teams probhibited from choosing better alternatives like through Miami and Sao Paulo that got in earlier? Were these decisions made by World Race Productions or by American Airlines?
3. Was there any break in the shooting shedule (more than just sleep time) to allow acclimiatiztion to the altitude in LaPaz?
4. There was a flight combination through Dubai (DEL DXB same as taken by Dan and Andrew) that got in to Almaty around 430pm? Did any teams try to book this?
5. What was in the mysterious package in leg 9, the first Moscow episode? Where and how did teams acquire it?

I'm sure I can do more questions after I give this more thought.

I've found  that the teams usually don't remember what exact flights they took, unless they kept a diary...

Peach, we know that Nick and Starrr did keep such a diary.

Did Nick get any gifts in his birthday?

Arrival/departure times for Moscow 2.

How many attempts at the dancing Dandrew had to do (because I so do not believe that it took Dan only two tries).


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