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I have been thinking about and reading about the AR13 Finale. One aspect of it that has mostly escaped comment until now was the taxi impact on the finish:

1. First, Andrew and Dan got an incompetent taxi driver and were more than an hour back at the first task (Tilikum).
2. Second Ken/Tina and Nick/Starr were neck and neck nearing Portland after the "fill in the game board" task. Nick/Starr's taxi peeled off left and got to Standard Plaza first. They had a lead over Ken/Tina arriving minutes later that they never relinquised.
3. All that Nick/Starr needed to get to Pittoch Mansion first was to get a taxi quickly and for its driver to know how to get to Pittoch Mansion. Both of those factors happened. It looked like Ken/Tina lost more time at the "get a cab" step.
4. The team that was eliminated in the second Moscow leg, Toni/Dallas, got that result from the problems Dallas had keeping things together in the cab ride from the bookstore to the Bulgakov Museum.

I agree on the taxis. Too much left to chance.

Imagine if, instead of the whole Voodoo Donuts thing, the team could have been instructed to find a west-bound light rail train to Washington Park, get off in the tunnel station, take the elevator up to the park, and then run the two miles or so through the forest to the Pittock Mansion using the somewhat primitive mapboard to get there.

And imagine if they could have been required to look for a clue in the Chinese Garden downtown or in the Japanese Garden in Washington Park.

Lots of missed opportunties.


--- Quote from: apskip on December 08, 2008, 03:25:59 PM ---In an interview today by Oscar Dahl of Buddy TV, Starr reponded to a question about "what didn't get wshown on the race" with:
S: I got a speeding ticket in New Zealand.

N: Oh yeah, we got a 30-minute penalty on the New Zealand leg. We had to sit with the sheep while Phil interviewed us.

S: We were headed out of a town—or maybe we were headed into a town. But regardless, the speed limit dropped about forty miles and I was going too fast. So we get pulled over, I get a ticket. We continue on our way to do the Kiwi and the Blokart challenge. Once we get to the mat, I think we came in fifth. And Phil said, “You are the fifth team to arrive. However, because of your ticket you have a 30-minute penalty.”

--- End quote ---

As a matter of fact that was the week I wasn't here and I never watched that weeks insider clips ......


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