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We will keep the Israel sightings in this board for now until we can sort out which sightings belong where, thanks--puddin :)

Mini TARI Timeline (to keep us separate from TAR 14!):

click on the DATES for links and further info  :tup:     blue is confirmed: ie photo or other strong evidence

Nov 4   teams seen at V&A waterfront Cape Town  (photo evidence)

Nov 4-5   flags seen @ Rhodes Memorial Hall, Cape Town  (thanks to batchick! via Mrs Shrek)  photo evidence

Nov 6, 7, 8 possible Vietnam (tip to peach)

Nov 9 flight Singapore to Japan  airport sighting  thanks to Michael for the find!

unconfirmed date   Japan  "teams of two followed everywhere by a camera-man while they frantically ran around a park and rowed in canoes out to a little island in the middle of a large pond"  team sighting Thanks to Michael for the find!

Nov 11 Teams seen at HK Central Pier #9:  (thanks to kaad)
Video here (thanks to kaad and hongdomoto)

Nov 12 Victoria Peak HK  (thanks to Mrs Shrek) photo evidence

unconfirmed date Macau (obtaining a clue in the Venetian Hotel, eating Almond Cookies in a Koi Kei bakery on Rua Felcidade 70-72, and labelled dragon heads in Senado Square  photo evidence originally posted by skf123 in the HK discussion thread, but :ty3: to Anthonyctf for sharing it with us!

Nov 15 Sydney  "early this morning Sydney time (ard 2.30am) at Harry's Pies in Woolloomooloo" (thanks to dhall)  photo evidence

Nov 15 Sydney: The Rocks pub (under the Sydney bridge) team sighting (thanks to puddin)

Nov 15 Sydney harbor  (thanks to Mrs Shrek) team sighting

Nov 15 Sydney: Sydney Hilton on George St (possible rappel??)  (thanks to Mrs Shrek) production sighting

Nov 15 Sydney Harbor --team sighting  (thanks to Mrs Shrek)

Nov 15 Manly Beach (Sydney) --newspaper report of team sightings and clue under a sunbathing beauty! Thanks to Bill1978 at TwoP

date unconfirmed Sydney, Manly Beach to obtain a clue, possible further detour at Shelly beach  team sighting  (thanks to wem787 at TWoP)

Nov 22 Michael McKay (Producer) re-appears on the AXN boards, perhaps suggesting that TARI had wrapped shortly before ...(spec)


Adding this FWIW:

From a South African TV forum:


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on November 04, 2008, 09:41:49 AM ---Thanks Neobie for all that!! :jumpy:

Adding this FWIW:

From a South African TV forum:

--- End quote ---
So they went to Cape Town and someone found a red and yellow marked flag on Rhodes Memorial?  I'd found an info on that place via wikipedia:

BTW, since someone said here that there's a sighting of some TAR 14 contestants found in Frankfurt, I know that there's a flight connection between that city to Cape Town thru Lufthansa which that same airline company also been used by the 3 remaining teams of Amazing Race Asia 2 when they'd raced to Cape Town after the 2 Hungarian legs but they'd had a connecting flights on Frankfurt.  Hmmm, and probably if ever, they'll might copy some of the tasks that are found on TARA 2 on the Cape Town leg episode there like one on the sand dune thing which is my favorite part on that episode.  So, what do you think?

Okay one more for today, :lol:

I can't be any more definite than this, but I have received some information that suggests that there is a possibility of TAR filming in Vietnam on 11/6, 7, and 8.

Chateau d If:
The original poster of the Cape Town spoiler just put this up:

--- Quote ---So, I ducked out of work early to do marking at home. On the way out from campus I took this pic. Apologies for quality, but cell phone and perplexed security guard meant I didn't get close enough.
--- End quote ---

You have to be a member to see it (:;)
Anybody care to join that board to get a look at it?

I already registered from before but I'm assuming peach is already through the registration process so I'll let her post the picture so she didn't waste her time  :lol:


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