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Australia, China team for 'DIY'

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Australia, China team for 'DIY'
Takeoff on 'Amazing Race' will shoot in February
By Pip Bulbeck

Oct 28, 2008, 12:01 PM ET
SYDNEY -- Chinese tourists armed only with bank cards, a set of clues and their wits will compete in Sydney this February in the four-part reality television series "DIY China" from the China Travel Channel and the New South Wales Department of Tourism.

The Chinese version of "The Amazing Race" is set to air in China in March on CTC, which reaches an estimated 300 million viewers, NSW Tourism Minister Jodi McKay said late Monday.

"China is our fastest-growing tourism market. We expect an average 12% growth each year over the next nine years," McKay said.

The series is a cooperative effort by Tourism NSW, Chinese travel service provider Ctrip, Australian airlines Qantas and China UnionPay, a China bank card association.

Chinese contestants selected in an online quiz managed by Ctrip will fly to Sydney, where they will navigate tasks based on shopping and tourism.

 :lol: I can see it now, "Chinese Phil" sends the intrepid shoppers into the outback to seek their elusive bargains.  The Platinum Card is to these shoppers what the Samurai sword is to the Bushido warrior.  Innocent bystanders are nearly trampled under foot as the "shopping induced" contestants zero in on their designer quarry.  The last team to reach the pitstop may be "credit terminated".   :funny:  Gives new meaning to the term "shop till you drop".   :angel:


Interesting concept, but still:

Dear Chinese TV stations,

Please stop trying to copy formats successful overseas and pass them off as your own. It didn't work with The Price Is Right, it's not going to work here.


 :angel:  interesting... so does "Chinese Bob Barker" tell the proletariat to spay or neuter their pets...  :lol:


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