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"Big Brother" contestant could lose job
« on: July 19, 2002, 09:46:24 AM »
Just being on the reality show "Big Brother 3" could cost one of the contestants' their job. According to reporter Gladys Alcedo of The Day of New London, a leading newspaper in Connecticut, Poquonnock Bridge fire officials are looking into disciplining Eric Ouellette, a 26 year-old firefighter and HouseGuest on the "Big Brother 3" reality show. They maintain that Ouellette violated procedure to take time off to be on the show.

While the union has thrown their support behind the youngest firefighter on the squad saying that he did nothing wrong when he swapped 20 shifts with other firefighters to participate in "Big Brother 3", the administration's stand is that he didn't follow procedure when he did so, which is in direct violation of the department's regulations. As a result of Ouellette's actions, the fire officials are contemplating whether or not to terminate his employment.

Poquonnock Bridge Fire Chief Todd M. Paige told The Day that he is worried what affect Ouellette's absence will have on his team.

"My main concern is the wear and tear on the employees. I want rested employees," Paige said. Paige is also accusing Ouellette of using the fact that he is a firefighter to better his chances of being on the show.

The union insists that Ouellette didn't violate any labour agreement and was to defend Ouellette at a hearing on Thursday afternoon which Ouellette couldn't attend because he is isolated in the "Big Brother" house with no communication with the outside world.

In the "Big Brother" show, contestants must remain in a house on the CBS Studio in California for three months without contact with the outside world.

The "Big Brother" house is outfitted with 38 cameras and 62 microphones, which record the lives of the 12 contestants 24 hours a day. The goings-on are broadcast on TV as well as over Internet. By signing up with the RealOne SuperPass deal offered by RealNetworks viewers can watch the live streams. The first 14 days are free. Following the free trial period, the "Big Brother 3" feeds will cost $9.95 U.S. a month. In an all-inclusive deal, fans may view the entire three-month broadcast run of "Big Brother 3" but none of the other content offered by RealNetworks for a one-time fee of $24.95 U.S.

Each week the "Big Brother" contestants vote one of their own out until just two are left. The final surviving House Guests are then subjected to a final vote. During that vote, the banished House Guests return to pick the winner who takes home half a million dollars.

This show airs each Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night on CBS for the next three months.
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