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This thread will be similar to threads of past races. It will capture timelines (the dates and critical logistical activities for the entire race), timetables (when trains, buses or other forms of transportation are), and flight information ( for trips from point A to point B with principal alternatives, times of departure and arrival, and flight numbers identified).

Borrowing from another thread, here is my post #159 in TAR14, 11/2/08 4:12:39 pm

It looks to me that we have SAN MXP (San Diego to Milan-Malpensa) for starting point and arrival airport. Here are some flight possiblities for leg 1 of AR14:

SAN ORD AA1438 0935 1535
ORD MXP AP021 1655 0835+1

SAN JFK AA160 0815 1620
JFK MXP AA198 1735 0755+1

SAN ATL DL12 0850 1601
ATL MXP DL74 1710 0830

My guess is that at least 2 of these were used. Taking these flights necessitates a very early start to AR14. It would have to be much earlier than on any Amazing Race I can remember.

Editor's Note: what I should have also said is that rumors for AR14 indicate that departure from LAX was expected, which gives teams more time that morning than is inferred above. An analysis of LAX MXP (Milan-Malpensa) and LAX ZRH (nonstop) and LAX FRA and FRA ZRH will follow.

The only applicable flight in the right time frame from LAX is AF75 LAX CDG 1500 1030+1    connecting in Paris to AF9806 CDG MXP 1125 1305. Add 2 hours and the earliest possible arrival in Locarno would be around 3pm.

Here are the bus schedules in the same time frame:

Shuttle bus leaves airport  Arrival in Bellinzona at  Connecting train leaves  Arrival in Locarno  
12:30                                           14:20                              14:39                        14:58  
14:30                                           16:20                              16:39                        16:58  

From LAX to Milan-Linate different schedules apply:

TN (Air Tahiti Nui???) 022  LAX CDG  1145 0745+1, conecting with  XM5997  CDG LIN 0935+1 1110+1  or
NZ2  LAX LHR 1600  1050+1, connecting with   GJ9527  LHR LIN 1150+1 1455+1

From LAX to Zurich we have:
LX41 LAX ZRH  1920 1550+1

From LAX to Zurich via Frankfurt we have the interesting combination:
LH457  LAX FRA  1435 1025+1 connecting with LH3726   FRA ZRH  1200 1255
UA324  LAX IAH  0903 1659 connecting in Washington Dulles to UA 936  IAD ZRH  0609+1  0810+1

What I find most interesting is the fit LH457/LH3726 has with the observer comments about seeing 7 teams in Frankfurt Airport the morning of Saturday Nov. 1. I expect no other reason to go to Frankfurt except to connect to Zurich. There are 10 nonstop flights on Saturday between Frankfurt and Zurich, so if any are delayed there are alternatives.

The train schedule from Zurich to Bellinzona to Locarno indicates that 3 1/4 hours is required, considerably more than from Milan-Malpensa. Here is is:

Train leaves airport Change in  Connecting train leaves  Arrival in Locarno  
11:47  Zurich HB (main station)             12:09    
                                Arth-Goldau           12:52    
                                 Bellinzona             14:40                         15:06  
12:47  Zurich HB (main station)             13:09    
                                 Bellinzona             15:40                         16:06  
13:47  Zurich HB (main station)             14:09    
                              Arth-Goldau             14:52    
                                 Bellinzona             16:40                         17:07  
16:47   Zurich HB(main station)             17:09
                              Bellinzona                19:40                         19:06

It is my belief that AR14 teams used a minimum of 2 flight combinations to get to Locarno. One may be to Milan, another to Zurich directly, and a third to Zurich via Frankfurt.

Departure from LAX remains speculation...

Departure from San Diego was a hoax...

But thanks for all the connects! :yess:

There has been some discussion of CapeTown, South Africa as leg 2 or 3 of AR14. Well, I see this as easily possible from flights back out of Milan connecting in Frankfurt. I see this happening on Sunday 11/2 or Monday 11/3:

SA7597    MXP FRA  1820  1945
SA7576    FRA CPT   2250 1150+1

You can also go through Zurich to get to Frankfurt to get to CapeTown, but who would want to do that?

For a much earlier departure time and arrival through Heathrow, there is

BA577  MXP LHR  1355 1500
BA43    LHR CPT   1645 0615+1

And for the real early birds, here is one connecting through Amsterdam that I don't expect to be possible given that they have to find a train before 3am to reach it:

KL1618  MXP AMS  0620 0855
KL597    AMS CPT  0955 2230

There are other flight combinations, but these above are the basic choices that make sense for different departure times.


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