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The Amazing Race Family is saddened to report the first loss of one of its own.

Margaretta of "Dave and Margaretta"  Season 1, has passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

She and Dave, or "Team Grandparents", were racers on the very first Amazing Race.

She quickly became beloved for her laughter and her charm, and became an integral part of the special camaraderie of the first race.  When they were eliminated from the race, all of the remaining teams came out to show their respect and support for them both. That moment remains one of the most memorable in the history of the race, and was a tribute to the special bond that Dave and Margaretta had helped to create.

She will especially be remembered for her joyous spirit and the courage she showed as she ran her own amazing race the last few years.

She and Dave had been married for 48 years.

Our hearts go out to David, and we send him all of our deepest sympathy.

Margaretta was a truly lovely lady, and she will be greatly missed and remembered with love and laughter.

that's really sad

TARAsia Fan:
I know she had not been doing well in the last year. If you remember in All Stars, Team Guido mentioned they were racing for her as she was sick during that time as well. It's so sad. Margaretta will be missed.

Kiwi Jay:
Oh  :'(. Nooo not Margaretta. She will be sorely missed.  :'( I new it would happen. I had heard she was getting sicker from the cancer. But my prayers were with them and I hoped she would get better. RIP Margaretta!

Here is Margaretta's obituary from a local paper.


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