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Casting ABC's The Bachelorette

ABC is looking for it's next eligible Bachelorette for season 5 of their hit show! Producers are looking for someone who is beautiful, charming, educated, successful and looking to settle down.

A spin-off series from ABC's hit reality show, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette returns for season 5 while following one woman in the search for her own Mr. Right from a pool of 25 eligible young men. After several weeks of meeting different men, going on amazing dates, and learning about their home lives, The Bachelorette will have the opportunity to continue dating one bachelor in the real world by presenting them with a single, red rose.

This unique dating process will give both the bachelors and bachelorette an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to make new friendships and quite possibly find true love, but after all of this, will the man she chooses accept her rose, and if he does will he pop the question?  After last season, who knows!

VIDEO REQUIREMENTS: In a brief video, tell us a little about yourself, and why you think you'd be a great candidate to be the next Bachelorette! Make sure to include what you're looking for in your ideal mate.

Link: http://www.gotcast.com/casting-calls/ABCs-The-Bachelorette/52056

An interesting article:

Chris Harrison: You Could Be the Next Bachelorette

Getting denied by Alex Michel on the finale of the first season of The Bachelor in 2002 may have been the best thing to happen to Trista Rehn. She became the first Bachelorette and made the best of the opportunity, offering Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter the final rose on the show and marrying him on national TV in 2003.

Since Trista and Ryan’s fairytale came true, The Bachelorette has seen other fan favorites — Meredith Phillips, Jen Schefft and DeAnna Pappas — search for Mr. Right. Phillips ended her engagement to Ian McKee after less than a year, Schefft didn’t even choose a suitor at all and Pappas just recently ended her engagement to Jesse Csincsak.

Now producers and host Chris Harrison hope that an unknown woman will be the next Bachelorette to find love and happiness. “It’s something I’ve been championing for quite some time,” says Harrison, who has hosted all of The Bachelorettes and twelve seasons of The Bachelor. “I totally understand and I totally love the people we’ve had — Trista and DeAnna have made complete sense — but I really just want to get away from it and try and find just that phenomenal woman out there who has no ties to the show and give her a shot.”

What kind of woman would make a great candidate? “Maybe it’s a double standard,” Harrison says, “but I think it’s tougher to be the Bachelorette than it is to be a Bachelor because I think overall our audience is more forgiving for the Bachelor than they are for the Bachelorette. You really have to be this strong, successful — and I don’t mean just money or a job successful, but ‘life successful’ — yet beautiful woman, but at the same time, on the other side, you have to be an endearing character that people will root for.”

As daunting as the prospect of finding such a lady seems, Harrison is confident she is out there. “I got approached this morning at Starbucks,” Harrison says, “and this woman pulls me aside and I swear, she’s like, ‘How do I get my beautiful friend here on The Bachelorette?‘ And I said we are literally looking for her right now!”

Harrison adds that producers are not looking for a certain type. “We’re not looking for rich, heir to a throne, or a famous person,” he says. “You can be from any walk of life and have any story. Whatever story you bring to the table is your story. Don’t worry about how much money you have or what your name is, it’s how you can command a room.”

Even women who are weary of looking for love on TV should not disqualify themselves. “As the Bachelorette, everybody is there for you,” Harrison says. “That’s one of the great advantages. You realize that you have an entire network going out and casting around the country — for you! All the contestants are coming on to the show to fall in love with you. It’s a great position to be in.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to go on fantasy dates and chose among 25 handpicked suitors, or know someone who would be perfect, The Bachelorette is offering you a rose. Fill out the online application or nomination form at www.thebachelor.tv. “I really find that the women who come on to the show are very sincere and know how hard it is to find love out there,” Harrison says. “That’s why The Bachelorette always lends itself to being a special season.”

Men looking for love are encouraged to apply, too. “For guys out there,” Harrison says, “just know that we are going to search the country and when you show up that first night, you will not be disappointed!”

Link: http://tvwatch.people.com/2008/11/03/you-could-be-the-next-bachelorette/#more-5492


Hollywood 411

Host Chris Harrison exclusive interview with Jesse Csincsak from THE BACHELORETTE

An interview with Host Chris Harrison:

Chris Harrison Looking for a New Bachelorette

It's a good time to be a Bachelorette: ABC's hit series is conducting its first search for a female star of the hit series, after years of choosing her from among the contestants who don't find a love connection on The Bachelor.

Chris Harrison, the host of both shows, talked to us recently about the search, and about the next season of The Bachelor, which returns with a two-hour premiere on Jan. 5. In another first, the women will compete for the affections of a single dad, last season's The Bachelorette runner-up Jason Mesnick. DeAnna Pappas rejected him in favor of snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, but the couple's relationship, alas, has come to an end.

The happily married Harrison, who also co-hosts Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide Network, talked about DeAnna and Jesse, finding true love on TV, and whether we'll ever see a gay Bachelor or Bachelorette.

TV Guide.com: What are the qualities you're looking for in the next Bachelorette?
Chris Harrison: It's hard to answer that because really, there's no set picture. We've had rich, we've had poor, we've had famous athletes, actors, we've had it all. So we're not exactly looking for a type. It's just somebody who's willing to take this leap of faith, who's obviously ready to commit and ready for a relationship.

Honestly, you really never know what we're looking for and we never know until we find it. There's really not this set picture that we go into casting and say that's it — the blond-haired, blue-eyed six foot model. Because that's not necessarily what we want.

TVGuide.com: There must be a huge number of women who see this as a big break and want to be famous more than they want to meet the right guy. How do you weed them out?
Harrison: When it's The Bachelor and it's 25 women, you do get your share of that. It's impossible not to. But I always love that aspect of the show because we don't — it's not a game show. There's no big prize at the end. So it's really up to the Bachelor to find those girls and weed them out. That's part of life. There's always girls in relationships for the wrong reason.

When we're looking for The Bachelorette, that's kind of our job. Does she just want to be a model, or does she really want to get into movies or whatever. I have found that when we've done the Bachelorette they are even more sincere when they come into this than the guys are.

TVGuide.com: There've been so many gimmicks on other dating shows. Why do you think your formula has continued to work?
Harrison: Yeah. We were on our exotic date in Cabo San Lucas and Mike Fleiss, the creator of the show, and I sat down and we tried to list all the rip-off shows over the years and we stopped at like 25. I don't know if there's a record for this but it has to be the most copied, ripped-off show in the history of television.

Our show, there's no spin, there's no gimmick, there's never a twist. All it is is, at the end, can you find love? It really goes to the same reason people love soap operas. In the end, everyone wants love. Everyone wants a relationship, whether you admit it or not. And we also enjoy the train wrecks and the drama along the way.

TVGuide.com: Are you still in touch with DeAnna or Jesse?
Harrison: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, they're both very good friends of mine. I will say that I was definitely sorry to hear they broke up, and wish them both the best. And still consider them both very good friends of mine.

TVGuide: One of the things that made Jason such an interesting contestant on the Bachelorette is that he had his young son, Ty. Is Ty going to be meeting any of the women Jason is dating?
Harrison: I can't give too much away on the show, but I will say this: Jason, coming into this, was very respectful — he's a great dad, a phenomenal dad — he was very respectful of Ty not being exploited or used in any way. His number one priority is looking out for Ty.

This show is going to be amazing. People are going to blown away in January by Jason in this season. It's unlike anything we've ever done, with having him being a single dad with Ty. And all the women coming in knew he was a single dad, and so the show has a completely different feel than we've ever had before.

TVGuide.com: You've had plenty of high-profile successes in bringing people together, but obviously the majority of them don't work out. Do you think it's just that some relationships don't work out, or is it a flaw with the way they met? Is it just impossible to get to know someone on television?
Harrison: No, I think it's definitely the former. It's just the law of averages with relationships. You look at why Trista (Rehm) and Ryan (Sutter) succeeded and Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft, didn't. They met the same way, They both fell in love the same way, and I would have bet the same amount of money that Trista and Ryan would make it that Andrew and Jen would've. But in the end, they lived together, and it, for one reason or another just doesn't work out. And that has nothing to do with the show or Hollywood, or whatever. It just has to do with real life relationships, whether they work or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Honestly, it's one of the things I love about our show. At the end we don't have a priest or a rabbi pop up and say OK, we're getting married. At the end, its, 'Okay, you guys, you're in love, go live your life.' And we wish them the best. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

TVGuide.com: There's all this controversy lately over Proposition 8, the California measure barring gay marriage. Would you ever do a same-sex The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?
Harrison: If ABC and Mike Fleiss have created the show and signed off on it I'll be happy to host.

Link: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Bachelorettes-Chris-Harrison-67110.aspx

An interesting article:

Could you be the next bachelor(ette)?

Are you looking for that special someone? Someone, as they say on TV, that you want to “be with”? Are you ready to get married now — as in, right now? Have you ever had a restraining order against you?

If you answered those questions yes, yes, yes and no, tonight could be your lucky night. The gang from ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” is shooting audition tapes at KUDL’s “World’s Largest Office Party” at the newly renovated Midland by AMC. Auditions are from 5:30 to 8 p.m., and the party goes till 9:30.

As many as 2,000 revelers are expected to show up, and if the last time ABC did this is any indication, one in 10 may try their hand at looking hot, desirable but oh-so-finicky for the producers of the two dating reality shows.

You must be at least 21, and you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire (downloadable through the link at www.kudl.com). And yes, it does have the restraining-order question on it — as well as inquiries about whether you’ve had children or gone in bankruptcy. Picky, picky!

“They set up a couple of cameras and people fill out a questionnaire and they get interviewed on camera,” KUDL operations manager Thom McGinty said. “And then if they get matched up with the show, they fly them out to L.A. to do final screen calls and more questionnaires.”

McGinty said a couple of interviewees from the last party did get follow-up auditions. And that was when only “The Bachelor” was doing screen tests, so your odds of getting a callback are twice as good this time. OK, they’re exactly the same as before, but now your girlfriend might get to go to L.A.! Uh, wait a minute …

The audition is free, but admission to the party is $10. It’s worth the price of admission just to tour the beautifully restored interiors of the Midland. While you’re waiting up in the mezzanine for your turn in front of the camera, look over the balcony and take in the view, especially the ornate chandeliers.

Link to the article:  http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/story/939942.html

Link to the casting call re this article: http://thebachelor.warnerbros.com/open_calls_bachellorette.html


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