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5 hours to go and Lord only knows how many minutes due to probable football delays  :sucks

There are 3 NFL games that CBS is telecasting in the 415pm - finish time frame. Based on past experience even if Cinannati vs. Dallas ended close tp 7pm(much more likely would be 720pm), they will attempt to also show the finish of Buffalo vs. Arizona or New england vs. San Francisco.

I don't know, I would sday that if it cuts it close, they wouldn't try. Cinci vs. Dallas is nearing the end of the 2nd right now. Oh happy day for Starr.

TARAsia Fan:
I can tell you through NFL Sunday Ticket's Supercast online, Buffalo-Arizona is on pace to end early, but that audience will be send to Cincinnati-Dallas or New England-SF which are both dragging midway 3rd quarter.

TARAsia Fan:
It's now 7:16 p.m. and the two featured CBS games, Cincinnati-Dallas and New England-SF are heading towards the finish. The audience for Cinci-Dallas will be sent to Pats-Niners so the Eastern and Central time zones can start together.


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