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Jen and Nate here to answer all your questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for the entertainment provided on TAR12!!! :jumpy:

Chateau d If:
Hi Jenn!  I have a question.  It was for that leg (the emmy one):

What happened to make it take so long for you to get from the flower stringing place to the You Turn place?  It was only 5 min away according to the Witch Empowered ones.

Jen Parker:
Our cab driver got really  lost, it was so stressful and we were really hot and sweaty

Jen Parker:
Hey Rff assistant YES! i would like another avatar I tried uploading one but it wouldnt accept

Jen Parker:
oops that one was for Puddin
as for what Nate and I are up to now, he is coaching and playing volleyball.  I am graduating from college this semester with my second degree and working on starting a non profit business designed to even and share the wealth in southern california to other parts of the states and world that need it. 
thanks for all your nice comments, I am so glad to hear that we provided you guys with lots of entertainment.


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