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Jen and Nate here to answer all your questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jen Parker:
Does everyone know that I named the episode that won the Emmy "Honestly they must have witch powers or somthing"

I miss the race so much
peace and love

TARAsia Fan:
Hi Jen!

Glad to have you here at RFF. You were one of my favorites in TAR12 especially for your death stares at Nathan.

How are you two doing and what are you up to now?

Hi Jen!!  So nice to see you!!  :hearts:

I thought of you on Emmy night--was that a thrill for you or what! Something you said wins an Emmy! :jumpy:

It was the great TV your season provided that not only gave us an Emmy but also got us renewed for TAR 13 and 14!  SO we owe your season a lot.

How are you? Are you done w/ school? Any news to share?

What did you think of the first episode? Do you like the cast? Any favorites?

Come back often please! You miss the race and we miss all of you! :ghug:

Hi Jen

I was really missing you and Nate on Sunday

unintentionally or intentionally you brought a smile to my face with each episode.

Nice to meet you Jen  :waves:
Would you like a better avatar?


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