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Venis Envy88:
Has anybody got any new news (eg. personal my space blogs) from certain BB10 players??? Just curious how April feels about North America disliking her etc. I recall last season someone posted a copy of Natalie's (BB9) blog & her dislike on North America's view of her!!

I use to have a my space account & really didn't care for it all that much & canceled it!! If anyone has any info... do tell!! :)

April does have myspace, but her account has not been logged into since
Sept 7.

April logged into her myspace  Sept 30 but so far she has not written anything.  She has her status as    in a relationship

Actually--when I made the post above--my info was correct.
Checking her myspace now--the last time her account was logged into is 9/30(after
my post above). Nothing on her account has changed since my last post.
I was reluctuant to say she had logged on---as it could have been her or
someone else.


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