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Is Big Brother Real or Contrived?

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Venis Envy88:
Caught an episode of REALITY OBSESSED yesterday afternoon! Happen to have left TVtropolis on from the night b4. Anyways, going to be tuning into that more often... loved it! Also BB8's Jen was on it! (still can't stand her, lol) She just has no personality what so ever... I can totally see her being a real bore under the sheets too! How the hell did she hook up w/ Nick??


 :<3 Thanks Reality Obsessed for adding Reality Fan Forum's link to your page Link:

<3 you guys!!

I think they're just putting mysterious character to big brother to make the show more interesting. Well, it really works! That's why we are all asking who's really behind of big brother.

omg i have talk to murtz on line severl times..i did not no he had this show how weird. i can't rember what room he hangs out in on the feeds i think it was 222, i even pm with him /her i don't rember i am mental pausel lol i will have to check out that link, i wanted to post befor i for got what i was going to say . omg i need more memory, lol

darn i missed the shows i just noticed when u posted that lol :duno: :duno:


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