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TARAsia Fan:
You guys definitely had an uncooperative donkey.

In any case, TAR did better than that monstrosity of a reality show, Bumbling Bums :yess:

God we suck.

Fast Nationals are in (again because of the over run this might change a bit with final numbers) but here you go.  We were watched by only 10.78 million viewers.

That plain sucks for a sports overrun (and in fact since we moved to Sunday) thats the smallest audience the show has ever had with a sports overrun.

Even our 18-49 demo wasn't very good.  With just a 3.2 (though that was enough to beat Cold Case and the Unit).

Very disappointing.


i hope CBS doesn't cancel TAR14....or has it already been given the 100% greenlight, no matter how the TAR13 ratings are?

Its not that bad Michael.  Almost all shows are down from the year ago numbers (and thats typical).  Its just disappointing that this is the rist time since season 9 that TAR hasn't increased over the previous year's cycle.


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