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Amazing Race
Ready, Set, Go!
Episode 1

Clip (2:20)

Amazing Race EP1

Departure Time Challenge

The Airport
 The contestants meet up at the airport for the first time since the race started

The Beekeepers' Bad Day
Anita & Arthur tell Phil that the heat was a big factor for them and Arthur reveals the last time he shaved his beard

Down, But Not Out
Anthony & Stephanie and Marisa & Brooke both had tough days, but tell Phil how much they enjoy each other's company

No Comics Standing
Dan tells Phil about the worst violator of telling bad jokes at the overnight hold before explaining how he made Terence mad

Dallas' Big Guns
Phil can't help but notice Dallas' assets, but never forget that momís in charge of this team

Tough Girls
Divorcees Kelly & Christy have been through a lot and now happily add the leg one of the race to their list of accomplishments

Not As Easy as It Looks
Completely out of breath and sweaty, best friends Mark & Bill tell Phil a familiar phrase he's heard many times

Terence is Happy...For Now
He'll take third place, but ultra-competitive Terence tells Phil he has his sights set on number one

Ken and Tina's Packed Packs
Phil marvels at how heavy Ken & Tina's backpacks are.

Siblings on Top
Nick & Starr discuss with Phil the confidence they've gained by winning the first leg of the race

Anita & Arthur's Final Thoughts
The beekeepers didn't last long, but they each take something special away from their time on the race

The First Elimination
Phil Keoghan eliminates the last team to cross the finish line

Ken's Career
Ken discusses his past profession as an NFL player and what that opportunity meant to him

Adventure in Acapulco
Arthur and Anita get accustomed to their new surrounds in Acapulco, Mexico after being the first Team eliminated from the 13th edition of THE AMAZING RACE.

Nick and Starr's Turning Point
Like most siblings, Nick & Starr when through some tough years of constant fighting, but Nick explains when it all changed

Geeks With a Plan
Best friends and comic book geeks Mark & Bill explain why they're here and what they'll do to win

Husbands vs. Huuuusbands
Divorcees Kelly & Christy explain the distinct difference in meanings of the word husband. It's all in the pronunciation.

Ken & Tina Make New Friends
At LAX, separated couple Ken & Tina chat up divorcees Kelly & Christy, but Ken gets an earful from Tina when they leave


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Yippee!! I can see them!! :hearts:

More EP1:

The Belle's Backpacks
It turns out Brooke & Marisa carry a heavy burden, but nothing that a few shed tears can't solve

Brooke and Marisa Know What They Like
The southern belles already have a team they've taken a shine to, and another one not so much

Terence and Sarah Size 'em Up
After getting beat up the stairs, Terence worries about his competition while Sarah reassured him

Terence and Sarah Get In The Groove
Once they make it on the first flight to Salvador, Terence explains how he stays calm amid the stress

The Perfect Match
On the shuttle ride to the American terminal, southern belles Brooke & Marisa make friends with frat boys Andrew & Dan

Dan Tries to Cut a Deal
Sharing a boat to the Pit Stop with Aja & Ty, Dan wants a truce, but heís shot down quickly

A First for Ty
Long distance dating couple Aja & Ty are learning new things about each other already including a surprising first for Ty

Aja and Ty Watch Their Backs
Aja & Ty each have a choice of the team they trust the least

Ty Coaches Aja
After losing a crucial taxi sprint out of the military base, a frustrated Ty tells Aja things need to change

Mark's Tattoo
Terence & Sarah admire Mark's very unique, out of this world tattoo before speculating about Kelly & Christy's professions

Kelly and Christy Get Quizzed
The guessing is over as Terence & Sarah and Mark & Bill ask Kelly & Christy about their work and explain Mark's tattoo

Mom and Son Almost In Sync
Toni & Dallas survived the first day, but feel they could do a better job of working together

Scenes from a Campout
The teams hunker down for the night with only mosquito nets for protection from the elements and the jungle

Brother's Calming Influence
Nick falls into a familiar role in his relationship with sister Starr, the calming voice to her nervous energy

Anita and Arthur Lose It
The beekeepers may be able to keep track of the bees on their farm, but have difficulties keeping an eye on their cash

A Change of Strategy
Young, athletic Anthony & Stephanie finished in ninth place and talk about how they plan to change that in the next leg

i think CBS fixed them ... i can see teh imbeded videos now lol


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