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RR/RW CHallenge ~ the Island


Here is the cast of the new real world road rules challenge

Abram ~ RR South Pacific   :waves:
Ashli ~ RW Sydney
Cohutta ~ RW Sydney
Colie ~ RW Denver
Dan ~ RR Views Revenge
Dave ~ RW hollywood
Derrick ~ RR X-Treme
Dunbar ~ RW Sydney
Evelyen ~ Fresh Meat
Jenn ~ RW Denver
Johanna ~ RW Austin
Johnny ~ RW Key West
KellyAnne ~ RW Sydney
Kenny ~ Fresh Meat
Paula ~ RW Key West
Rachel ~ RR Campus Crawl  :waves:
Robin ~ RW San Diego
Ryan ~ Fresh Meat
Tonya ~ RW Chicago  :waves:
Tyrie ~ RW Denver

They are dropped off on an island and have to survive and they will not have challenges.  They will have 3 person elimination challenges to get a key that is on an island across the water from them.  In a chest is 300K and has to be opened with 4 keys.

i wonder if all reality shows that take place on a "remote island" leave it looking like this. how does CBS leaves their remote exotic locations for Survivor? any know if they have a policy about how they leave their locations and if they give back to the people living there that they displace while they film there?


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