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Ok, I'm starting this thread now that BIG BROTHER 10 is officially over and Daniel Gheesling, from Dearborn,  Michigan was crowned the $500,000 winner!

This thread is intended for the following:

Wrap party pictures or videos
Post season interviews
Homecoming party pictures, interviews or videos
Updates on what the houseguests are doing or going to do since returning home

Will not tolerate any bashing of any kind in this thread, any posts in that form will be reported to the moderators to be removed




Dan Gheesling kept his balance on a biplane and now he has posturing rights.

The 25-year-old Catholic school teacher from Dearborn, Mich., was named the winner of Big Brother 10, which was heralded as a "back to basics" edition of the aging CBS reality series, with live audiences sitting in on weekly eviction shows for the first time since season one and all 13 HouseGuests starting off the summer as strangers.

Meaning, no gimmicks here. All contestants had to build alliances—and, subsequently, tear 'em down—from scratch.

After 71 days of physical challenges, brainteasers, fence-mending and the usual dose of strategic trickery (all accomplished, seemingly, while either sitting down or reclining), Dan beat out mixologist and fellow Renegade Memphis Garrett, 25, for the $500,000 jackpot.

After spending a week as America's Player earlier this season, Dan swept the jury vote, 7-0.

Memphis gets $50,000 for his efforts, while 30-year-old Keesha Smith will pocket $25,000 as the winner of the Favorite Juror Prize.

From The Detroit News:

Adam Graham / The Detroit News

He's smooth. He's slick. And now, Dearborn's Dan Gheesling is $500,000 richer, after winning the grand prize on Tuesday's season finale of "Big Brother 10."

Gheesling, 25, a biology and physical education teacher at Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prepatory, won the 10-week CBS reality series by a unanimous vote of 7-0, based on votes from a jury of ousted house guests. Runner-up Robert "Memphis" Garrett, a Los Angeles "mixologist" (don't you dare call him a bartender!)and the partner with whom Gheesling rode a secret alliance all the way to the finals, was awarded a purse of $50,000, while a special consolation prize of $25,000 was handed to Keesha Smith, a Hooters waitress and fan favorite from Burbank, Calif.

But Tuesday night was really all about Gheesling, who is also the assistant coach of the varsity football team at Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Going into the show, his victory was anything but a forgone conclusion, as Gheesling -- a graduate of Dearborn's Divine Child high school who earned his undergraduate and master's degrees from Michigan State University -- earned his way into the finals by stepping over many of the people who would be deciding his fate. But those jurors ultimately decided that Gheesling played the better game, and going strictly by the numbers, his dominance was undeniable.

After initially sandbagging competitions to appear weak in his houseguests' eyes, Gheesling turned up the heat on his game, winning three "Head of Household" contests -- more than any other competitor this season -- and two important "Power of Veto" competitions.

It wasn't always smooth sailing, however. Gheesling's devotion to his religion was called into question several times over the course of the show, once when house guest April Dowling called him a "disgrace" to Catholicism and another time when 75-year-old Jerry MacDonald told Gheesling, "you will always be Judas in my house."

But Gheesling, who earned a reputation as being a bit of aloud-talker in the "Big Brother" house, ultimately prevailed. He explained to the jury members, "I had to do whatever it took, whether it was shameful or not," and pleaded with them before they cast their votes, "Maybe you can set aside your emotions and vote to who you think played this game as a better player."

They did, and when Gheesling emerged victorious, he was greeted first by his girlfriend, Monica, and later by his mother, Sue, and his sister, Kelly. At Bailey's in Dearborn, about 100 friends and family of Gheesling -- who spoke fondly of Dearborn throughout his time on "Big Brother" and often wore his cardinal red Orchard Lake T-shirt in the house-- gathered to cheer him on.

Gheesling's father, Bob -- who said he has watched most of the seasons of "Big Brother" with hyson --was surprised he won the show so handily. "I thought it might have been 4-3, but never a shutout," he said. "He made several enemies in the house, and there was no way I thought he'd ever get their votes."

He said even though his son had to break a few promises and tell a few white lies in the "Big Brother" house, he's proud of the way he played the game.

Angie Romas, Gheesling's maternal grandmother, said she's never been much of a fan of "that reality stuff," but she got hooked watching her grandson on TV. She said she had a feeling Gheesling was going to be the winner.

"We all said, personality and feelings aside, if it goes by who played the game the best, it has to be Dan," she said. "I just hope this experience does not change him very much."

Gheesling is the first "Big Brother" winner to hail from Metro Detroit. In 2001, Pontiac's Nicole Schaffrich made it to the finals, but lost to "Big Brother" legend Will Kirby.

No word yet on Gheesling's future plans, but he's expected to return to the sidelines at Orchard Lake St. Mary's in the coming weeks. And it's likely that from now on, opposing teams will be a little more aware of the scheming going on from their opponents' sidelines.


Dan Wins 'BB10' And The $500,000 Top Prize
Memphis Is The $50,000 Runner-Up, Keesha Gets $25,000 Jury Award
Alan Carter

Call him Dan the Man. Dan Gheesling, the 24-year-old but wise beyond his years Catholic high school teacher, handily won "Big Brother 10" Tuesday night by a score of 7-0.

After 71 days in literal captivity, Dan's cunning and ability to backstab and do it with charm and humor made him not just America's Player, but a favorite with his fellow houseguests as well.

Fans of the show predicted Dan would win, but all the show's observers (this one included) thought the vote would be a more modest 4-3 or 5-2.

The jury (comprised of April, Ollie, Keesha, Michelle, Jerry, Renny and Libras) all said in the final analysis, while Memphis -- the second place finisher with $50,000 -- played a good game, it was clear that Dan, the puppet master, out-played and out-smarted them all.

For his part, minutes after being awarded the grand prize, Dan told us he was in shock. "I didn't know I would win. I didn't think I would win. For sure, I knew I had two votes...Renny and Keesha. To be honest, Memphis and I talked about it the other night. I had no idea how it would go."

We also spoke to all the jury members post finale and they said, to a man and a woman, Dan gave more truthful answers when he was put on the spot and they thought Memphis was saying what, as Libra put it, "what people wanted to hear."

Michelle denied that Dan taking her on the luxury trip swayed her vote. And Jerry -- who said when placing his secret vote "this is for the person who always showed me kindness" -- read to viewers that Jerry was going to cast his vote for Memphis as the two bonded by the end after a few nasty fights.

But Jerry said, "Dan was the guy who said 'Goodnight, Jerry to me every night in the house." April, too, who early on was not a big Dan fan said, "When it came down to it, I never got to know Memphis. And the first few weeks in the house, Dan would ask about my family, and ask about me and my life."

Note to eventual "Big Brother" contestants: you can lie and cheat and backstab people but if you say "good morning" and "good night" to them and ask about the family and pets, it might make them forgive you in the long run.

Dan told us that his strategy going in was to emulate the "lie to your face and be honest about it" play of Dr. Will and Mike "Boogie", but he conceded "those guys made it look a lot easier than it is."

Up next for Dan and Memphis? Dan and Memphis are going on a road trip ("likely to Vegas") in the hot rod Memphis won with the girlfriends in tow.

Laughed Dan, "I hope the Renegade girlfriends get along as well as the Renegade Alliance did!" If not, we can see another show in the works.

Meanwhile, Keesha (who we all thought would make it to the final 2), proved to be an audience favorite. America voted and Keesha edged out Jerry to win $25,000 as Favorite Juror.

We spoke to all 13 houseguests and asked them a variety of questions: would they do it all again? Did Dan really deserve to win? Did they have any regrets? Who would they never talk to again? Did they know Jessie was in the gorilla suit? What would they take back if they could? Were those arguments as vicious as they looked on TV???

More importantly, this being "Big Brother"...Who could they never forgive?...Let's put it this way, April said stuff about Keesha she knows she should someday probably apologize for. And to hear Keesha tell it, "April, you can save that apology!"

For those and other provocative moments, check back for all our interviews posted Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

"Big Brother Chatter"

We watched the finale in the green room with a bunch of former houseguests (and forgive me if I leave anyone out) including Evel Dick, Joe from season 8 (with lots of facial hair and who, rumor has it, is now straight), Marcellas (who is working for E, Geraldo, Tyra, Style and about 128 other shows at the moment), and most of the Season 9 group including Chelsia (still a crack-up), Joshuah (equally cracked), Sharon, Jen and Parker.

During the show, the green room (filled with friends of the show, the aforementioned former houseguests and friends and family of the current houseguests), cheered loudly when Libra said "it's called 'Big Brother'...not 'Best Friend') in response to the jury complaining that Dan and Memphis lied to them.

When Jerry asked "are we that gullible?" Evel Dick yelled out "Yes!" to thundering applause.

Dick and Chelsia signed autographs and then he had the idea to sign her butt. You had to be there. And he did. He told us what he wrote. We can't repeat it.

Inquiring minds wanna know. And being nosy, I had to ask Chelsia if she and Crazy James were still a couple. "Still best friends. And we will be for life," she says, "and I go out with him and his girlfriend all the time! She is a super girl, and perfect for him." (Sounds like ANOTHER TV show to me!)

here ya go Will


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