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Thank you to our loyal updaters and members for making rff the place where people want to hang out, for staying up long hours, sleepless nights, restless morning, through happiness and the tears, could not have got through this without you all.... for everything you all do so with that said lets get this party started :party:

   :margarita: :hosed :HT :blaster :partie: :elvis: :werock: :conf: :hfive: :pickle: :nana :yikes :ty

Thanks Puddin I think I will jump right in with you. 

I would also like to thank everyone who helped make this another great season of BB.  To my fellow updaters wecan also all say that we survived another season of BB and know that it was much better than the last.  To all the updaters thank you for all the long hours and hard work that you put into keeping us up on all that happenings of the house, it was also a pleasure to update you even when we did get a little :crazy: at times I always enjoyed myself.

Now let's kick back, relax and get this party started. :wohoo: :party:  :conf: :partie: :margarita:

Just want to add my thanks for all the updaters do!  You all are the best!   :yourock:  :ty

:martini: :wine: pass's more drinks around :beer:  :jumpy:


This one is for all you hardworking UPDATERS!!

We couldn't have made it through without your keen eyes, your time, your energy, your sense of humor, your friendship, and your gift of telling the world what you see.

Y'all are the best!

Thanks for making RFF the place to be!

:margarita: :hosed :margarita: :hosed :margarita: :hosed :margarita: :hosed :margarita: :hosed :margarita: :hosed :margarita:


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