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The Bachelor 13th Edition

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i saw the other day there is a utub out with jessy saying he and deeanna broke up??? :groan:


--- Quote from: tory on November 19, 2008, 03:52:11 PM ---i saw the other day there is a utub out with jessy saying he and deeanna broke up??? :groan:

--- End quote ---

 :hithere: Hi ya tory, I saw the video too

Jesse seem genuinely upset over the break up and how DeAnna came out with the news

Maybe Jason Mesnick will have better luck, his little boy is so cute


An interesting article:  The Incredible Hunk

American TV heart-throb Jason Mesnick is snapped in Queenstown Gardens this week filming scenes for a new series of the worldwide reality hit The Bachelor.

Mesnick shot to fame earlier this year when he reached the final of the ABC television dating game show The Bachelorette.

Millions of viewers were stunned when the handsome single dadís emotional marriage proposal to the programmeís star DeAnna Pappas was spurned.

He was flooded with messages of support from an army of smitten female fans.

Account executive Mesnick, 32, proved so popular he was recently chosen to star in his own bid to find new love in The Bachelor - where he gets courted by 25 stunning female contestants and picks his potential partner.

During secret filming sessions in Queenstown, itís believed Mesnick has been shooting scenes with the final three girls left in the show, which attracts up to 10 million viewers in the United States alone.

The results are due to be screened in the US in January.

The Bachelor screens on TV2 in NZ.

Link: http://www.scene.co.nz/12934a1.page

An interesting article:

The Next Bachelor: Will Jason Mesnick Break the Trend of Bachelor Breakups?

After Many Failed Relationships Resulting from ABC's: The Bachelor, Jason Looks to Be a Great Candidate for Marriage

In July of 2008, audiences were stunned to see The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, turn down a proposal from sweet and caring dad Jason Mesnick and instead choose the fun-loving, easy-going Jesse Csincsak. However, many were NOT stunned to hear when this mis-matched couple broke-up in November 2008. DeAnna and Jesse's quick break-up was probably of little relief to Jason, who is still looking for love. Now, 4 months later, we're told it's Jason's turn to pick the girl as he returns for the 13th season of The Bachelor.

Premiering in 2002, The Bachelor is a reality show on ABC that takes one eligible man and gives him his pick of 25 women looking for love. In the beginning, the concept was to match an extremely handsome, rich and very eligible man, but the show has since expanded to include more "regular" guys. These regular guys, just like Jason, usually are rejects from

The Bachelorette, the spin-off show that has had 4 seasons. Jason has built up such a great fan base that ABC decided to give him a shot at love on his own terms. On the show, each week the playing field is narrowed down as the man must decide who he thinks he has a connection with and eliminate any girls where there is no spark. The girls all live in a luxury house together, enjoy lavish dates with the bachelor, and sometimes cause some drama when jealousy comes into the picture.

Currently The Bachelor doesn't have a good track record in making love matches as only 2 of the previous 12 bachelors are still considered "engaged". The first is season 6's Byron Velvick who reportedly is to get married in 2008, which doesn't seem likely as the year is nearly its final months. The second is season 7's Charlie O'Connell who broke up with his choice, but ultimately got back together. As you can see, none of the previous 12 bachelors are married yet, leading many to believe that you can't really find love on Reality TV.

This season could be very different, however, as Jason seems more like the marrying type. Jason Mesnick is an account executive by day, but a loving and caring single father to his young son by night. This divorced dad is looking for a love that will stick, and it's highly likely he will find it. With the added responsibility of a son, you can bet Jason isn't going to take this show lightly. Jason has the added advantage that he has previously been on The Bachelorette, and therefore the women who come on his season are already going to have a thing for him. So far season 1's bachelorette, Trista Rehn, is the first of either show to actually get married. With many ladies already falling for Jason Mesnick, will he be the second?

Link: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1222282/the_next_bachelor_will_jason_mesnick.html?page=1&cat=39


The Bachelor 13 ( Jason Mesnick ) Commercial


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