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Rorys clan:
 :wohoo: Gird your loins  :weights (or whatever you gird) and prepare for battle :furious: the site is up. At least to register and pick teams, but not for tribes yet. How about RFF? Did I miss it?

oohhh I want to play this time too please! :hearts:

I hope this isn't a sign of how the season is going to go . . . but this is CBS  . . .  :groan:  they have Dan from Big Brother listed as one of the choices to pick for your team.  When you click on his picture it takes you to the BB site. 

Not the bio pics at the top of the Survivor page but the ones on the Fantasy page where you pick your team.

I've tried to login with no luck.  Any body able to login yet???

Rorys clan:
 :duno: I'm in, but it was a hassle. Had to be registered with CBS first, forgot my info so had to create another account. Can't be put into a tribe yet and can't pick bonus points, sure hope they got the bugs worked out by go time.

Hi everyone...Rory, peach, s1!!  :jumpy:  Good to cya!

I'm planning to join. 
Geez, here's hoping the site works correctly this season!  I still have my past login info...hope it goes thru w/o a hassle!!  :tup:


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