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The Twist
« on: August 09, 2002, 09:19:05 AM »
From Reality News Online

Well, we had an inkling it was coming Ė the newest twist in Big Brother 3. As Kent discusses in his most recent column, he had made a comment about it on a radio show; it looked suspicious that the families of evictees were not around; but there was no hard evidence.

I tried to figure out what was going on. Last week I called up Tonyaís father (who lives in the same town as I do). I asked him if he had talked to her since her eviction. He had. I asked if he knew where she was. He hemmed and hawed, saying she lives in Las Vegas and so he doesnít really know. And he said he doesnít really pay that much attention to Big Brother now that Tonya was voted off, as if that had something to do with where Tonya is now.

Suspicious? Yes. Proof? Hardly. Thatís why I didnít bother to write it up at the time. Now knowing what we know, I suspect he had indeed talked to her, but had been instructed to deflect any questions about where she is.

So, one of the first four evicted houseguests can be brought back. First Iíd like to ask if this is really fair. I mean, will the fifth have such an opportunity? Probably not. These folks were voted off. They lost. Now they have another chance? They have been out sunning themselves and having fun while their potential roommates have been busily backstabbing and making enemies. Nope, not fair at all.

But life isnít fair, and neither are reality shows. So weíll put that aside and move on.

There are really two questions now:

Who will come back?
How will the decision be made?
Letís start with the second question. How they are going to vote somebody in? Will it be the players? The audience? A game of poker?

I hope the decision is not left up to the players. They had their shot, now give us, the viewers, a chance. Plus, if it is left up to the players, I think they will divide their votes too much and the winner may get in by a hair.

For example, Roddy, Chiara, and Lisa will obviously vote to bring back Eric. Marcellas will want Amy back, and Josh will probably also vote that way. I could see Gerry voting to bring back Lori because he might feel guilty about having vetoed Marcellas and causing her departure. We know Danielle and Jason wonít want Eric back, but who will they want? Itís hard to say. I doubt either would vote for Tonya, though. Like I said, it would probably come down to a single vote.

What about if itís left up to the audience? Well, personally I'd like to see Lori come back, just so she can have a chance. It would, however, be amusing to see Amy back because Roddy and the others "made up" with her, and I think it was all so she wouldn't be mad at them if they were there at the end. It would be amusing to see them having to interact with her again.

It seems that the houseguests themselves Ė at least as of last night Ė didnít know about the twist. If they are going to make the decision, they need to be told soon. If, however, it will simply be a surprise Ė with the ďnewĒ person walking in as the evictee walks out Ė then I would presume the audience will need to vote. Hopefully itís not a contest of some sort.

Just in case, start thinking about who you would like to see back. If you have good reasons to bring back one of the four, let me know and Iíll compile the best into a new article.

David Bloomberg is the Editor of RealityNewsOnline, and can be reached at

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Re: The Twist
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2002, 09:36:58 AM »
I was very surprised at the new twist in the game. I was sooooo glad to see Eric go, you have no idea and I hope that he don't make it back in the house.
I guess I am really rooting for Lori to come back in the house, I mean, have some pity on the woman, she was voted out first!!! We will have to wait till next week to find out what happens, but I am sure it will be good, whatever happens
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