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Randy Bailey
« on: August 27, 2008, 11:00:46 AM »

Randy Bailey (49)
Hometown: Eagle Rock, Missouri
Occupation: Wedding Videographer

Randy Bailey wants to be personally responsible for crushing the hopes and dreams of all other contestants with delusions of winning SURVIVOR. He considers himself a ruthless bully who enjoys picking on those that were not blessed with his strength or intellect.

Randy describes himself as angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic (yet charming), and admits he's a train wreck.
Bailey declares he has no living relatives besides an older brother, from whom he hasn't heard from in years. He says he has never met a person who didn't eventually disappoint him. The only "person" he has ever loved was his recently deceased black Labrador mix, Johnson, with whom he lived for 13 years.

His biggest pet peeves are cell phones and overly religious people, and he says he doesn't allow either in his home or car.

Bailey's hobbies include scuba diving, marathon running and triathlons, including competing twice in the Hawaiian Ironman. Despite having competed in over 100 triathlons, he claims that he has not been off the couch in years. Instead, he now enjoys his nightly hot tub with a scotch on the rocks. He is also a private pilot, enjoys watching football and occasionally plays golf.

Bailey's primary motivation for being on the show is to be hungry, tired, dirty and smelly. He also says he needs a long vacation where he will not be hassled with the mundane issues of his boring life. He's a SURVIVOR purist and guarantees he will win if the game is not "poisoned" with too many twists.

Bailey is currently single and lives on a lake in rural southwest Missouri. Randy recently moved from Plano, Texas where he lived for 20 years and still claims to be a Texan at heart. He plans on returning there after he wins the million. He has an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but chooses to work as a wedding videographer where he can set his own schedule.

His birth date is March 31, 1959

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Re: Randy Bailey
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Re: Randy Bailey
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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2008, 10:39:58 PM »
I am betting this guys mouth gets him in trouble. I hope he will as entertaining as clip thing...

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2008, 06:08:46 PM »
.... an interesting article:

If you carve a strategy in stone, you’re ****ed from the beginning

In Africa, members of the press were given copies of the Survivor Gabon contestants’ bios (drafts, it seems, since some have changed slightly) to read before interviewing them, which gave us something to talk about. After all, it’s a bit odd to talk to someone about things they have not yet done. Randy Bailey’s official CBS bio clearly wanted to establish him as an asshole: “He considers himself a ruthless bully who enjoys picking on those that were not blessed with his strength or intellect.”

That alone made me dread talking to him, never mind having to watch him on the show, at least until everyone voted him off. But listening to our conversation again, I’m not quite sure why I ranked him in the lower third (again, I created that list immediately after meeting them all for the first time, long before I saw them interact during the first episode). My lingering impression of him then was negative, but listening to our 15-minute conversation, he now strikes me as more of an astute player and less of an asshole than he did then.

Randy is outrageously honest, saying that the experience up to that point was “ups and downs. The ups are, it’s unbelievable to be here. The downs are asking permission to take a ****. We’ll be turned in a few days, so it’ll be all ups then.” Late in our conversation, he said, “I was going to say that I get laid every now and then, but that’s not true. It’s been last century, probably. Make sure you write that down—if there’s any Survivor-chasing girls out there, groupies, I’m available.”

Also in the honesty department, he said that, if he wins, he plans to “put it in the bank, invest it, give nothing to charity, and not work another ****ing day in my life. That’s the truth.” But he also admitted with that question and in general, he plans to conceal his true feelings to all except the confessional cameras and producers.

Randy has applied for Survivor a lot, has “been called a time or two in the past,” and actually got into his current profession, wedding videography, when (and because) he first applied seven years ago. After paying $300 to have his first (ignored) audition video professionally shot and edited, he said he “bought all the equipment, the software, [and does] that now for a living.”

Having watched the show since the first season, Randy clearly understands the game. “If you carve a strategy in stone, you’re ****ed from the beginning,” he said, and cited two cast members’ comments on their respective seasons about effective strategy for people like himself. First-season star Rudy Boesch taught Randy that “there’s more of them than there are of me. I got to get along, not them. I’m taking that to heart and I’m going to try to wake up thinking about that.”

And from Ami Cusack (of both Survivor Vanuatu and Survivor Micronesia), Randy learned “you don’t have to do anything. People will do things on their own to get voted out. So I am going to try to be cool and if I make it halfway, I’m not really going to start aggressively playing the game until the halfway point—or not—hoping that Ami’s right and people will do stupid things to get voted out. If Ami’s wrong, Ami, if you read this, I’m going to kick your ass.”

I think that’s the kind of statement that turned me off of Randy, because he says those kinds of things with a flat, deadpan seriousness that comes off as genuine, but now it seems more obvious that he was trying to be—and actually often is—funny. Maybe that’s also true of when Randy referred to his fellow cast members derisively as “bozos.”

Speaking of the bozos, Randy said, “My biggest challenge is getting along with the 20-somethings. I do have the ability to do that because I think I am a very young 49. But I was not expecting the cast to be like it is. … They could easily bond together on the first day and I’m gone.”

Still, he also respected some of them, and planned to work with them. “The young, hot blondes seem to have their eye on the ball better than two or three of these stud guys, because I see them checking out butts in the swimsuits. I may be wrong, but it appears the game is the furthest thing from their mind,” he said. Randy said he planned to be in the “fatherly role” with the women and align with the younger men “so the target is not on me,” but kept acknowledging, “I could be first to go.”


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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2008, 04:10:16 PM »

INTERVIEW: The Cookie Crumbles For Survivor Gabon's Randy

The tribe has spoken and last night on "Survivor,"

Bob handed Randy a fake, hidden immunity idol, which he played.

Randy appear today on WDEF News 12 at Noon for this week's "Surviv...

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2008, 05:18:08 PM »
An interview with Randy:

Exclusive: Randy Bailey dishes about his 'Survivor: Gabon' experience

If Randy Bailey, a 49-year-old videographer from Eagle Rock, MO, did nothing else, he made his exit from Survivor: Gabon a memorable one. After making it through 30 days in Gabon, Bailey had seemed to find a way to adapt his prickly personality to the game and find success.

However, with his alliance's numbers dwindling and looking likely to drop even further, Bailey's plan to put himself on the chopping block and then save himself with an Immunity Idol fell flat when he learned too late that the Idol was a fake.

On Friday, a slightly less prickly Bailey talked with Reailty TV World about what he's regretted since leaving the game, how his opinion of Matty Whitmore has changed, and when he realized that his Idol mix up had doomed him.

Reality TV World: Based on last night's show, it looked like you had no idea Bob's Idol was actually fake -- is that accurate?
Randy: Yes and no. When [Robert "Bob" Crowley] gave it to me Bob was a friend and even an ally. The Idol looked pretty real, I believed it was real.

When [Survivor: Gabon host Jeff Probst] asked if anybody had it -- and of course I had suspicions because nobody gives up and Immunity Idol that easily -- Jeff asked "If anybody's gonna play it, now's the time," and I looked down at the end of where we were sitting, and [Crystal Cox] and [Jessica "Sugar" Kiper] are laughing. Crystal even falls out of her chair and she is laying in the dirt pointing and laughing at me.

And of course, at that point I know it's 100% fake. I play[ed] it anyway, there [was] nothing to lose.

Reality TV World: Weren't you a little suspicious that Bob was so willing to give the Idol to you seeing as [his own neck] was going to be on the line too?

Randy: Yeah I know, and Bob is not a -- Bob would not make a fool out of somebody just to make a fool out of them. He's not that kind of guy. After thinking about it a few days I figured he'd been helped with that decision. Last night showed that.
Reality TV World: And you said that you saw Crystal and Sugar laughing and that opened up the thought that maybe something was up?

Randy: [Yeah], I knew for a fact it was a fake Idol.

Reality TV World: Why do you think Bob went through all the trouble of creating a fake Immunity Idol and then turned around and told Sugar about it right away?

Randy: I'm not sure that... I think they had a bond early in the game if not earlier, if you know what I mean. That's kind of tough to play against.
Reality TV World: At the beginning of last night's episode, there was a clip where you said that "[Corinne Kaplan] is still an ally, but what can you do with two people?" Does that mean you really didn't consider Bob to be a true ally at that point already?

Randy: Honestly, Bob beat me so there's really nothing I can say, the joke's on me because he lasted longer than I did.

But yeah in my eyes and in Corinne's eyes Bob was... There were four of us: [Marcus Lehman], [Charlie Herschel], Corinne and myself. And it's funny, in Marcus' eyes Marcus and Charlie are No. 1 and No. 2. In Corinne's eyes and my eyes Corinne and I are No. 1 and No. 2.

Everybody's got a different perception of who's at the front of an alliance and who's at the back and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you think.

And to answer your question. Bob was there and he was part of [the alliance] while we needed his vote. If it ever got down to five or six people I could lose Bob without losing a lot of sleep.

Reality TV World: Did you have any idea before you instituted your ["crash and burn"] plan that Matty had been campaigning to send Bob home next instead of you?

Randy: Oh no, of course not, of course not. I said it earlier in one of my interviews that one of the biggest mistakes I had made in this game was misreading Matty. On Day 10 when Matty stayed with Fang and I moved over to Kota I thought he had just hooked up with Crystal and [Ken "Kenny" Hoang] to save his own butt. I thought he was right in on taking out [Ace Gordon] and I had lost a lot of respect for the way Matty had played when we got separated.

Watching the show has been really enlightening and I've gained all the respect that I lost for Matty while playing the game. I've gained it back while watching the show on TV.
Reality TV World: Do you think Matty really thought Bob was the bigger physical threat than you or do you think he had some other ulterior motive for wanting to keep you around? 

Randy: He probably had an ulterior motive, but another thing I noticed he said that was funny was -- and this might have been gameplay on his part, we'll have to ask him -- he said "Randy has no chance of winning any of the challenges coming up."

There's eight of us left and anybody that watches the show knows that there's always different kinds of challenges. If the challenge is me sprinting up a hill against Matty, Matty's gonna win every time.

But if it's gonna be a challenge like getting in a boat and flipping the ball into a net or something with skill or soemthing that requires thinking outside the box. I've got as big a chance as anybody to win, if not bigger.
Reailty TV World: Your plan seemed like it was a pretty dangerous thing to try and pull off without first having talked with Bob and gotten his buy-in on [giving you the Idol]. What made you so confident that he was going to [first] find the Idol and then give it to you?

Randy: Corinne and I were talking about that. We didn't know Bob was at Exile making a fake idol. We weren't confident that he would give it to us. We thought he might because we were down in numbers and once Marcus and Charlie got voted out, Bob -- who in my eyes was a pawn in our alliance -- he became real in our alliance because we needed him. Bob's not stupid, he probably smelled that.
Reality TV World: In order for Bob to have found the [Immunity Idol], Sugar had to have not already previously found it, obviously.  Why were Corinne and yourself so confident that Sugar hadn't found the Idol despite all the time she had spent out there?

Randy: One of the things was [Dan Kay] had been sent there too and didn't come close to finding it and... (Pauses) What we didn't know was Sugar had a map and Dan had not had a map, and that's why Dan looked so inept when he was trying to find the [Immunity Idol].

Sugar had a map spelling out exactly where it was. Yeah, I was wrong about that.

Reality TV World: So you didn't know about the map at the time...

Randy: Right.
Reality TV World: On last night's show, you and Corinne admitted your plan was pretty much a desperate last Hail Mary pass attempt.  What made you give up trying to convince one of the five to flip and switch to the Hail Mary attempt instead?

Randy: Well we did try, you saw Corinne and I working Matty last night.

Reality TV World: Yeah, you started doing it and then shifted away from it.

Randy: I mean, I'm working Matty hard. I said "Matty you're hooked up with this side and you're not going to the finals and you should be proud of yourself. Fifth place is pretty damn good."

And you could see him thinking about it.

Reality TV World: So how come you didn't pursue that more [and] go for the "All or Nothing" play [instead]?

Randy: You're not listening to me, we did play. They shoot 300 hours of footage and they cut it down to 44 minutes.

Reality TV World: Did you really [as you told Corinne] consider [Susie Smith] to be the "worst person" in the game, given your clashes relationship with both Crystal and Sugar?

Randy: "Worst person" in terms of what?

Reality TV World: There was a quote when you were talking about your plan where you said you could keep [yourself and Corinne] in [the game] while kicking out "the worst person" and you were referring to Susie. I was wondering why you tagged her with that label given you didn't really get along with Crystal or Sugar either.

Randy: Well, Crystal and Sugar didn't flip earlier to take out Marcus. I didn't think Marcus did the greatest job when he got sent to the new Kota of five people. I thought bringing in a relationship that was outside of the game [with Crystal] was not the smartest thing to do.

I blamed Susie for flipping.

Reality TV World: During your time on the show you said few things that that some people perceived as probably being pretty nasty. After watching the show, is there anything you regret saying or felt the need to apologize for?

Randy: Why do you guys always beat around the bush? What are you specifically talking about and I'll answer it.

Reality TV World: Okay, well I guess one thing was when you were talking about Crystal and  How about those Tribal Council comments where you talked about Crystal and [Danny "G.C." Brown] and you called them a "posse" and a "gang."

Randy: I knew you were talking about that. I didn't... I said Crystal was with her "posse" [and] was running the tribe like a "gang."  And when I said it, you know, I meant it, and I didn't mean it in a racist way at all. What you didn't see... Well, no I'm not even gonna go there. I'm not gonna defend it.

But yeah, when I watched show I admit I cringed. I could see where that came off the wrong way. I called Crystal, I apologized. I said I did not mean it like that. She accepted it and we both moved on. Is that what you wanted?

Reality TV World: Yeah, that's fine. When I talked to Marcus a couple of weeks ago, he admitted he'd thought about trying to slip that Immunity Idol from the fake merge feast off the bottle before he threw it into the ocean. You were right there with him for a lot of that. Did you ever think about trying that too?

Randy: I thought about it a million times, [even] after the fact since I've been home. At that point there was 10 people left in the game [and] I was in a dominant alliance. I was practicing my speech at the finale.
I didn't need the [Immunity Idol]. I didn't want anybody else to have it. You're right it would've been beautiful to slip it into my pocket and [have] nobody know. I was all for throwing it into ocean [at the time].
Reality TV World: Marcus said that one of the reasons he couldn't [grap the Idol and hide it as you guys waded out into the water] was because of the way it was tied there would've been no way he could've gotten off the bottle. Do you agree with that?

Randy: Yeah I do agree with that.

One thing that episode didn't show was the second we read the note, we were sitting there drinking beer and eating food and Sugar jumps up by herself and sprints to the dead log, and she's out there digging by herself for like an hour trying to find it.

I knew right where it was. I mean it was so obvious, the limb pointing down to the sand, and she was looking everywhere but there.

In hindsight I wish I had gone out there, taken the five seconds to dig it up, hid the idol, and then just continued to dig for about two hours like nobody could find it.

That's what I should've done, but those things are easy to think about when you've been at home resting and thinking about what you should've done.

Reality TV World: How far away from the tribal camps was that feast beach?  Were you ever worried that someone -- like [maybe someone that went] on a hike while in Exile -- could've managed to sneak back to the beach find [the Idol] washed up on shore? 

Randy: Hmm. I think there's some things there that I'm not allowed to talk about, but let me just say that there was no chance of anybody from the tribes going back to that beach and finding the Idol.
Reality TV World: We saw a lot of the backstory about why you didn't get along with Crystal during your time about Fang, but what do you think led to such bitterness between yourself and Sugar? You two weren't even in the same tribe for very long.

Randy: In one of Sugar's pre-game interviews somebody asked her who she likes and dislikes and she immediately said "I don't like the old guy that's mean-looking." She hated me before the game started. And then when we go to the "keep away" game, Jeff asked her something and she said "I just don't like that guy. He's so mean." She didn't even know my name at that point. What am I supposed to do about that?

Reality TV World: Some former castaways I've talked to have not had a very high opinion of Corinne.  Setting your alliance with her aside, what was your opinion of her?

Randy: She's mean, she's selfish, she's sarcastic, and I miss the hell out of her and I can't wait to see her again.

In all seriousness Corinne is great. She's smart, funny, [and] hot.


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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2008, 06:10:40 PM »
thanks for posting the interviews marigold! :)

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2008, 07:59:12 PM »
Does this guy have the ability to crack a smile? Poor man.  :neener:
And if he "knew for a fact the idol was a fake", why did he choose to make a fool of himself and play it? I don't believe him a bit.
I say Bravo to Sugar......he would've done the same thing to anyone else. Best TC I've seen in a long time. JMO.
Thanks for posting!  :jam:

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #9 on: November 21, 2008, 10:52:09 PM »
An interview with Randy:

"I couldn't think of one reason why Bob would give me a fake idol."

What was your first impression of Gabon?
Randy: I researched Gabon a good bit before I went. I found videos about it and bought some books about it, so I knew what to expect.

How did you feel about the tribes merging into Nobag?
Randy: So many of the things those people did out there — including naming the merged tribe Nobag - were just not comprehendible. But, like so many decisions made during the 30 days I was out there, there was nothing I could do about it. I could rock the boat and get voted off or let them get away with doing something completely stupid and stay in the game. They thought of Nobag and I didn't care.

Why did you openly hate everyone?
Randy: Like I said to Crystal during last week's tribal council: Do you want a list? I didn't hate everyone on the show. I hated everyone that was left in the tribe, except Corrine. The best thing about last night's episode was that Sugar's true colors were finally revealed. She's an awful person. And Crystal was always saying that she headed into the challenges as a warrior. Have you ever seen a bigger joke in your life? She now holds the record for losing challenges as well as the record for crying after challenges.

How good did the beer, peanuts and spaghetti you won during the reward auction taste?
Randy: It was more fun for me to get it and watch them not get it. I was eating pretty well out there. We were catching fish and I was winning every reward. Starvation was never an issue for me. But, the spaghetti and beer were great. Honestly enjoyed tipping Jeff Probst the $20 more than I enjoyed the food. He earned it.

Did you have any doubts about the Immunity Idol Bob gave you?
Randy: Bob was a friend and an ally of mine. I thought it was real. It was a pretty good imitation and for the life of me I couldn't think of one reason he would give me a fake idol. If you don't want me around vote me off. But with him possibly going to the end and me being in the jury why would he want to make a fool of me? That's just stupid.

Speaking of the jury, how are you going to decide who wins, since you don't like anyone except Corrine?
Randy: Depending on who makes it to the end, it may come down to who I hate the least. I won't make my vote completely out of spite.

Would you do it all over again?
Randy: Not with those people!

What are you doing now, Randy?
Randy: Same thing as before I went on the show. I'm editing my wedding videos and soaking in the hot tub and watching reality TV.


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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2008, 11:16:40 PM »
An interview with Randy:

Exclusive Interview: Randy Bailey of 'Survivor: Gabon'

Last night's episode of Survivor: Gabon will certainly be remembered for seasons to come.  At a Survivor auction, Sugar took a cookie off of Randy's plate (which he won for the entire tribe) and gave it to Matty, so that he wouldn't get one.  Later, Sugar convinced Bob to give Randy a fake immunity idol, which he then played at tribal council.  His tribe mocked him and laughed at him as he was told by Jeff Probst that the idol was not real.  Randy was voted out of the game and now joins the jury.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and, even months after filming has wrapped on the show, Randy is still just as bitter as the day he left.  Check out his explosive interview, where he refuses to hold back when it comes to his enemies in the game!

Thank you so much for doing the interview. I really appreciate it.

I don’t have a choice. They make us do it.

You are contractually obligated to talk to me. So had you thought about trying out for Survivor in the past or was this the first year that you went for it?

I started applying in Survivor 3, the first Africa, and I’ve maybe missed one or two application periods.

Did you do anything to prepare for being on the show, training wise?

I jogged a little bit, lifted some weights. You know, quit drinking for a month just to make sure I could do it.

What was the hardest part for you being out there?

Without a doubt, the people. Surviving was a piece of cake. You know, sleeping on the dirt, going without food, that was fun. It’s been a dream of mine for so long, it was no problem at all. The hardest part was just fighting the urge to scream at people.

Do you leave the game being good friends people because, despite what they showed on tv, in their interviews, Charlie and Marcus spoke very highly of you and said that you were a true friend of theirs. Who did you leave the game being close to?

Just don’t refer it to Charlie and Marcus, you know. Dan is… you know, believe it or not, I had a lot of friends in the cast. Got a few enemies, too.

So what happened with the cookie incident last night? Did you intend to make a big deal about it or were you genuinely upset about it?

It wasn’t the cookie, you know. I ate spaghetti and drank beer the whole time and it was just Sugar acting like a 3-year-old and taking the last cookie and giving it to Matty. She’s horrible. I’m so thrilled with last night’s episode because finally, the editors are showing the world what Sugar’s all about. She’s… she’s a skank.

As a fan of the show, and as someone who’s trying been trying to be on the show for years, does it frustrate you that weak physical players like Crystal or Susie are getting ahead?

Uh, yeah it frustrates me but no matter than it frustrates Ace or Charlie or Marcus or Jacquie. There’s some other good players that got screwed, too. It’s frustrating. Give me Survivor: Borneo and I’ll win it.

The fake idol joke last night seemed so out of Bob’s character. Were you surprised that he was part of it?

Yeah, and you’re right. It is not Bob’s character and you saw he had a lot of help making that decision. You bring up something that I want to talk about – Bob giving me the idol. His only strategy could be to make a fool out of me and he forgets that I’m on the jury and I’m voting whether or not… pretty much a million dollars. It shows last night that Sugar fell off her chair and rolled around in the dirt laughing at me when I was playing the idol. Again, is that trying to get my vote? When Crystal votes for me, she goes on that loud rant that she’s so famous for now. What if she gets to the end and then I’m on the jury? If any of those three make it to end, I don’t see how I could vote for any of them. If those are the three that make the final three or two of those make the final two, I’lll probably just walk off the set and quit. I’ll say, “Jeff, get me a plane home. I quit.” There’s a lot of people in the world. Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, and Charles is second, Osama is third, and Sugar is number one and I mean that.

Now, as a member of the jury, what kind of Survivor player will get your vote? What are you looking for? What qualities?

With who’s left, it’s gonna be interesting. You look at the original 18 and you think of somebody like Marcus who’s gonna win this game or you think of somebody like Dan or Matty or Jacquie. None of them are left. I’d love to see Corinne go all the way but I’d love to see Corinne voted out next so I can see her at Ponderosa. I don’t know. I mean, Crystal holds the record for losing challenges. In all of Survivor, she’s lost more than anyone in 17 seasons. How can you vote for her? It’s gonna be tough.


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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #11 on: November 21, 2008, 11:30:54 PM »
Does this guy have the ability to crack a smile? Poor man.  :neener:
And if he "knew for a fact the idol was a fake", why did he choose to make a fool of himself and play it? I don't believe him a bit.
I say Bravo to Sugar......he would've done the same thing to anyone else. Best TC I've seen in a long time. JMO.
Thanks for posting!  :jam:

:ascared He sounds sooo bitter  :groan: even sounds rude in his interviews

Lol it's just a game and Sugar played the game so what she was silly about it

Calling her a skank over a cookie and because she laughed is uncalled for really, what a miserable old coot

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #12 on: November 21, 2008, 11:46:13 PM »
Oh my--thanks for all of these!

I keep thinking what a joyous person to share your wedding day with! Poor brides...  :ascared :funny:
"I can't speak for production, but I really like that people see us when we're traveling around the world. If you're a fan of the show, ... you're going to be more excited because you want to see what happens."Phil Keoghan

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Re: Randy Bailey
« Reply #13 on: November 22, 2008, 12:01:51 AM »

I keep thinking what a joyous person to share your wedding day with! Poor brides...  :ascared :funny:

 :funny: your so funny georgiapeach

You would think he would have learned something from his buddy Charlie who was thankful for having the experience

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Re: Randy Bailey
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Now, as a member of the jury, what kind of Survivor player will get your vote? What are you looking for? What qualities?

With who’s left, it’s gonna be interesting. You look at the original 18 and you think of somebody like Marcus who’s gonna win this game or you think of somebody like Dan or Matty or Jacquie. None of them are left. I’d love to see Corinne go all the way but I’d love to see Corinne voted out next so I can see her at Ponderosa. I don’t know. I mean, Crystal holds the record for losing challenges. In all of Survivor, she’s lost more than anyone in 17 seasons. How can you vote for her? It’s gonna be tough.


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Re: Randy Bailey
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An interview with Randy:

Survivor Exit Interview: Randy Bailey On False Idols and Fake Sugar

Last time on Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden one of the most unusual Tribal Councils ever was conducted when Bob gave Randy the false Idol he had crafted from beads, resin and string - and Randy played it for Immunity.

The shot of Jeff Probst tossing it into the fire will go down in the history of Survivor not only for the drama, but for the rare practical joke at such a solemn and contentious occasion.

On the losing end of the gag was Randy Bailey, a videographer from Missouri who played the game like a pro and who never pulled a punch. What you see is what you get with Randy, and he proved the point when I caught up with him on the phone the day after at the CBS offices in New York.

Hi Randy, I've been worried about talking to you. I'm a little afraid of you.
You should be.

Let me ask you, did you write your own Bio on the CBS Survivor home page?
Actually the CBS Publicist wrote it and I didn't think it was good enough so I completely rewrote it and every word of it is mine. And by the way, every word of it is true. And it's also delivered kind of in a tongue-in-cheek way. But I think you can figure that out.

I think you scored there, showing that you're a many faceted individual, not just the narrow slice we saw on the show.
I agree with that.

For us it was just last night that you got kicked off Survivor but for you it's been awhile. How are you dealing with it?
It's funny, you deal with it the first time as it happens live and you deal with it a second time as you watch it on TV but in a lot of ways, it's more intense the second time. I wasn't surprised by my edit, I knew it was gonna be Crystal and Sugar dog cussing me behind my back, and you know, yeah they delivered.

Yeah, you were definitely feeling the heat early on in the episode and I have to ask you about your strategy of turning up the flame a little higher.
I think I played a pretty good game up until Day 24 when we divided tribes again. I was loose, I floated around at first, found some fun, smart people that I wanted to play the game with and got in a power alliance. There were 10 people left and I'm looking good, I'm writing my speech at the finale. Then the tribe switches up, Marcus is gone and I'm a dead man walking.

And like you said in your Bio, only a twist would knock you out.
I've been watching since Borneo and the first Africa, and my strategy was a sound strategy for the early days of Survivor. It appears with all these twists, the best strategy is to have no strategy.

That's the game. Has being on Survivor helped you in your personal life, with your friends?
I don't have any friends.

How about in your business?

I have to say you don't strike me as a typical videographer.
Actually I do 100% post-production work, I'm not the guy with the camera that shows up at the weddings with a smile and tells the Bride's mom how nice she looks.

I was picturing in my mind what that would be like if Randy showed up at my wedding as my videographer.
They don't let me anywhere near the church.

After watching last night's episode I guess I can understand why. Like I said, you were memorable and I think your edit is one of the best I've seen.
I approve 100% of the edit I got this season, except for last week's edit because they showed me completely as a jerk. They didn't show anything redeeming whatsoever but last night's edit, I loved it. They exposed Sugar for the ruthless, vicious skank that she is.

Yeah, you got into the cookie mess and then something that will probably go down in history is that you fell for the false Idol. Did you know at all that was false before you actually pulled it out?
When I pulled it out I 100% knew it was fake. When I took it to Tribal Council with me I thought it was real. Bob was a friend and an ally, and I couldn't see any possible strategy for him giving me a fake Idol except to make a fool out of me. And if he made it to the Finals and I'm in the Jury, you know, why would he do that? I get to vote who wins.

When Jeff Probst asked if anybody wanted to play the Idol, I looked down and I saw Sugar and Crystal laughing at me. Sugar even fell out of her seat and was rolling around in the dirt, pointing at me and laughing at me, and at that point I was sure it was fake. But I had nothing to lose, so I played it anyway.

I'm not trying to say I knew it was fake, because I thought it was real at first. I only knew it was fake after it was too late. Bob duped me and may he forever rot in hell for it.

As far as his edit is going he looks like a saint, but when he stuck that knife in your back, that was good TV.
I'm glad you liked it.

I mean, from a viewer's standpoint, of course it was delicious, but for you, of course, it was rough.
Actually it wasn't rough, I was with a lot of nice people last night watching it and the fact that they showed Sugar to be so horrible it brought closure to the whole thing.

Like you said, you were playing hard the whole way. You were great at challenges.
I wouldn't say great but I held my own.

I don't mean physically, I mean mentally. You always seemed to be able to pull off some little trick to make things go better for your team. Like the aqua polo that you played.
I don't take a lot of credit there. I was just smart enough and coordinated enough to paddle down in front of the net while Dan and Marcus, the work horses, flipped me the ball.

Yeah. That was good. I admired that. I thought that was real canny and smart. And then when you had that run-in with Matty on the golf course.
I appreciate you seeing what I was trying to do. Watching that last week was just painful and not only Matty not listening to me, but Sugar just yelling "Chill out!" it was awful. I've never been so frustrated in my life.

I'm so competitive at the challenges and in that one, we were looking at a meal. I didn't need a meal, I'd eaten pretty well, but Crystal was borderline about to quit the game. She was crying at every challenge and I wanted to keep the meal away from her. I truly enjoyed watching her cry, and I'd like to point out now that Crystal, after Kenny won immunity, Crystal now holds the all time record for losing challenges in 17 seasons of Survivor. Look it up.

Sounds like you're still doing your homework.
I knew it at the time. Gold Medal my ass.

Well it's not over yet for you. You're coming up on the jury and will be on all the way up until the final, where I can't wait to hear what you have to say. What was your experience like leading up to that?
Bittersweet. I still wanted to be in the game, but the whole thing was great. We pretty much had an open bar policy which was a lot of fun.

Yeah you came across as always ready for tipping them back.
(laughing) Yeah, they gave me that edit. I was watching the first Ponderosa video today and I don't think there was one frame that I didn't have a beer in my hand.

You certainly took advantage of every moment. The speculation today is that those beers lead to the whole cookie incident. Did that have any bearing on it?
What you don't see as a viewer is that altercation was me vs. Sugar and that's it. Nobody else sitting there likes Sugar any more than I do. I left this game with, believe it or not, a bunch of friends. Sugar doesn't have one friend. Ace. She votes him out, calls him Acehole.

Yeah she burns all the bridges, it looks like to me.
I'm glad you saw that. I get the rap as a villain and I'll take that rap. That's what I was cast for and that's who I was. She's gotten the Girl Next Door edit this entire season and it was great to see them change that up a little. And the next week or two I look forward to it even going farther south. She deserves it. I couldn't happen to a nicer bitch.

You had no idea she had the Immunity Idol while you were playing with her?
The reason I really didn't think she had it was because Survivor 101 says if someone might have the Idol, you flush it out. Not only did Fang suspect that she might've had it, but Crystal saw it in her bag like a month ago. They did nothing about it. They let GC quit without even worrying about the Idol.

This season has been some of the worst gameplay I have ever seen. I am forever grateful to have this chance to play Survivor, but my God, couldn't they have put me in another season?

You can always come back as a fan favorite or that kind of thing.
That's not my call to make. I'm gonna be editing wedding videos and if they call me, great. Yeah, I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance, but if they do call and Sugar or Crystal are in the cast, I'm just gonna tell them no. I don't care if they make the prize 10 million.

This is what made your character so memorable. Even on the show there was no bull with you, you came across as real.
I am real and if you look at the game, I know lying is part of the game, but I did not tell one lie, even though I was a villain. The closest thing I said to a lie was when we voted Dan out and I didn't tell him he was going home. I said "Dan, I am voting for Susie, I promise you." And that's what I did. I was deceiving Dan, but I never told one lie.

But you can't make it to the end without telling a lie and if Marcus, Charlie and Corinne would've gone further. I'm not sure I could've done it. Probably not.

Were you consciously trying for that goal?
No, that's just the way I play.

So it wasn't just a strategy.

You have a great chance as a fan favorite because of that so I congratulate you on your turn sir.
8th place doesn't mean crap. I didn't win. But thank you anyway.

Do you have a prediction for the winner, or is there someone you want to win?
Obviously from the way you hear me talk I would love for Corinne to win, but I'd also like for her to get voted out next so she can join me in Ponderosa.

Well thanks for talking with us today and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Thank you. You too. I enjoyed talking with you.


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Re: Randy Bailey
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An interview with Randy:

Survivor’s Randy Admits He’s ‘Grumpy & Cantankerous’

As one of Survivor’s grumpiest contenders ever, Randy Bailey, a 49-year-old videographer from Eagle Rock, Minn., was always willing to pick a fight and was never at a loss for words. And after months of reflection on his time on Gabon, his costars and his trick ousting, he hasn’t changed. Randy had some particularly choice things to say about his nemesis Sugar when he spoke with PEOPLE from New York for his official exit interview. – Carrie Bell

Did you go into tribal council believing that was an idol and that your plan would be successful?
Bob was a friend and an ally and the idol was a good facsimile so I thought it was real. I said something on the episode about it looking real enough so I obviously had some doubt. But when Jeff asked for it and I started to pull it out of my pocket, Crystal and Sugar started laughing. Then there was no doubt in my mind that I had been duped. But I had no to play it. Nothing to lose. So the answer is yes I thought it was real going in — and yes I knew it was fake when I played it.

Are you mad at Bob for tricking you or do you understand that it is a game and that he was just trying to buy himself more time?
Bob is basically a good guy but he still doesn’t know what he is doing [in terms of strategy]. What if he makes the finals and I am in the jury as are Charlie and Marcus and we all sat there and watched what he did? How does he expect to get votes? And Sugar, how does she expect to get votes if she makes it to the end by laughing at me? She fell out of her chair when I was playing the idol and pointed at me and everybody was cringing at what she was doing. Jeff Probst included. And Crystal went on that rant that she goes on every week that America hates. What game are these people playing? Don’t they realize the jury has to pick them to win?

For all intents and purposes, your plan was smart and would have worked if Sugar hadn’t found the idol.
I probably would have done that even if I knew there wasn’t an idol out there. I was doing all that stuff before Bob had even gotten back from exile. I knew my days were numbered and I was doing anything I could to shake things up. I thought maybe someone would get I fight; one person defending me and the other not defending me and something could get said that would change the tide. I didn’t quit even though I knew I was on the outs.

You never held back that you didn’t necessarily like this people very much, so did you derive some pleasure from your wicked plan as well.
You sugarcoated it. It wasn’t that I didn’t necessarily like these people all that much. I hated them. Yeah I got some pleasure from it. They didn’t even show my favorite part of what happened on TV. The night before I was gone, I stayed up all night and would wake everybody up every 15 or 20 minutes. It was a blast! I don’t know why they didn’t show that part.

Are you concerned at all by how you were portrayed as the grumpy old man? Is this your real personality?
There’s a part of me that wants to believe that you aren’t as cantankerous as you were portrayed. I am absolutely a lot grumpy and cantankerous. What you saw on TV was real. What you didn’t see was me being human and spending time with Marcus, fishing in the jungle with Marcus and talking about life. The same thing with Charlie and Corrine and even Dan and Matty. You didn’t see a lot of my more human hours out there. A lot of people hated me out there, but there were also a lot of people who liked me out there. A lot of the people booted recently wouldn’t, I don’t think, have anything bad to say about me at all. And look who doesn’t like me — Crystal, Sugar, Susie. I can’t think of a better compliment.

You basically said that being voted out by those bozos was a badge of honor. Can you elaborate on that?
If they didn’t vote me out, then that would mean I fit in. I don’t want to be friends with Crystal and Sugar and Susie. She’s a hairdresser from Iowa. Of course I’m not going to get along with her. If Sugar liked me, I would have to rethink who I am.

This has been a very strange season of Survivor. Most of the strong players are gone and members of the losing-ist team in Survivor history are still around. What’s going on?
It has been a very weird season. From day one when we were picking tribes and Jillian picked Crystal and then Crystal staring down the barrel at Matty and Dan and Marcus, she picked Susie. Explain that to me. And then when we split tribes at 10 they did it again. Even though I got the boot last night, it was my favorite episode because it painted Sugar to be the awful person that she is. She’s been like that since day one but the editors have done a good job of fooling the world, making her look like America’s sweetheart. Nothing is farther from the truth. We had two tribe pick-ums and both times neither tribe picked Sugar. She was dead last and there was a reason for it. Yet she is still there.

What was your first meal after being booted? Was the $180 beer and peanuts and $300 spaghetti you got at auction worth it?
We spent a night at base camp before going to Ponderosa and I had two steaks and a whole bunch of other stuff. Rest assured, I made myself sick. I spent $180 dollars, which is $60 a beer at the auction. That’s some good beer. The night I got booted off they had a shower and food waiting for me, but no beer. They knew my profile, but didn’t even have one beer waiting for me. That was disappointing.

How did you handle the physical aspect of Survivor?
There are lasting effects of playing Survivor. All the weight you lose out there is fat and muscle equally. Then you get home and you’re recovering and all the weight you gain back is fat. It messes with your body a little bit. I need to turn that around or I’m going to have an a– as big as some of the people in Gabon.

Has being on Survivor increased your work bookings? How has returning to real life been?
It has made work difficult. I have been preoccupied. I am talking to Charlie and Corinne and, even though I didn’t play the game with him, Ace every day. We flew back together and I got to know Ace on the planes. And by the way, he did not say that he was famous and he did hit any women. He got arrested last week and I want to tell people, ‘Don’t believe everything you read.’ But I am back in Missouri and I am back to work now doing the same thing at 50 to 70 percent capacity. I don’t know what’s next.

Survivor: All-Stars perhaps?
If they asked me and they put it in my contract that Sugar was not going to be there, I would go tomorrow.