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Robert "Bob" Crowley
« on: August 27, 2008, 10:44:31 AM »

Robert "Bob" Crowley (58)
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Occupation: Physics Teacher

Robert Crowley considers himself a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe. He loves the outdoors and is always ready for his next adventure.

Robert is a high school physics teacher in Gorham, Maine and holds both Associate and Bachelor degrees in forestry from the University of Maine - Orono and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Southern Maine. However, after the school bell rings, Robert becomes an entrepreneur. His wide range of jobs span from being a first mate on a research boat for the Smithsonian Institution in Canada to an entomologist for the USDA, to a skunk relocater, as well as President, Vice President and Chief Negotiator for his local Teacher's Union.

When not on an adventure, Robert interests include journal writing, story telling, photography, bone collecting, archeology and camping.

This tree climbing scientist, who describes himself as honest, adventurous, resourceful and witty, built his truly "green" summer cabin back when green was only referred to as the color. His "green" cabin was completely built with recycled material and requires a fraction of the energy of the average U.S. home. He's built numerous structures from recycled material including wharfs, saunas, a chicken house and a hunting cabin.

Robert strategy is to be a provider and to fly under the radar on SURVIVOR. He's out to prove that nice guys can make it to the end of the game.

Robert and his wife Peggy reside in Portland, Maine. They have two sons, David and John, one daughter, Page, and a high maintenance cat named William. Robert's birth date is February 25, 1951.

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Re: Robert "Bob" Crowley
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Re: Robert "Bob" Crowley
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Re: Robert "Bob" Crowley
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2008, 11:05:03 AM »
.... an interesting artcle:

I’m not playing the game, I’m here to have a good time

Bow-tie wearing high school teacher Robert Crowley was a likable guy, but like a few too many other Survivor Gabon contestants, I couldn’t decide whether or not he’d be a good player—especially when he said he’s not really interested in the money.

“I’m not playing the game, I’m here to have a good time, I’m here to experience—Christ, I’ve already won the game. I’ve got a free trip to Africa, I have got two free trips to L.A. And a million dollars only buys you friends you don’t need and tempts you with sins you shouldn’t be committing anyway. So, I’ve already won,” he told me.

If it’s not already obvious, Bob Crowley told me he was recruited for the show, and has only seen the show “a couple of times.” He said he was concerned most about the wildlife, building a shelter, and then the other contestants, in that order. “I’m in it for the adventure, so it doesn’t really matter which challenge I’m up against, since they’re all going to be fun to deal with,” he said, and that, never mind placing the social game last, makes him sound like a player who’s going home sooner than later.

Despite his apparent lack of interest in the social game, he also had a good understanding of some fundamental parts of it. “I am clever; I’m good at figuring stuff out. I think I do well at entertaining people at being pleasant. And I’ve noticed in the show, you don’t want to stand out, you don’t be somebody that’s a threat. And I’m pretty non-threatening,” Bob said. “I have a habit of talking, I have a habit of being honest.” That is true: he does love to talk, telling long and detailed stories to answer simple questions.

Bob also revealed to me that he “took copious notes” about the other players when they were in L.A. during final interviews, and during pre-Ponderosa. While we talked, he flipped through his notebook to find the nicknames and identities he assigned to the other players, which impressed me until he basically revealed it was just a sort of game for him. “It’s going to be fun to sort of try to figure out—it’s going to be fun to compare what I think somebody’s like compared to what they really are,” he said.
Some of those nicknames, incidentally, were offensive and, as he acknowledged, “politically incorrect”; he nicknamed Olympian Crystal “Amazon” because she’s a “real tall black girl,” and called Susie, the “sweet, nice” Latina woman, “Mexico.” Saying things like that to a member of the media, he sort of then seemed like one of those older people (he’s 58; not that old) who aren’t quite oblivious or clueless, but kind of don’t care, which could help or hurt him in the game.

Bob did bond with a few of the cast members even despite not knowing their real names or being able to talk to them, and he revealed something that up until that point I never really considered or knew: Survivor contestants spend so much time with each other before the game starts that, really, the game has already started long before the cameras start rolling.
They’re forbidden from talking to each other or interacting, but they do, mostly non-verbally. For example, Bob said he bonded with one of them—someone I eventually decided was Ace, based upon his description of the person’s accent and his tattoo—on the plane, as they were sitting next to each other and had multiple drinks; they were also rooming together at pre-Ponderosa. He even said something to me about not telling the producers about one of their shared non-talking moments.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of trivia about Bob is that he taught Survivor Vanuatu cast member Julie Berry, who’s also Jeff Probst’s former girlfriend. Bob called that a “strange coincidence” and said that he’s “sort of kept this quiet” but “haven’t seen her since she graduated from high school.” An amusing anecdote about that connection and Jeff Probst is in the clip below, as his his discussion of nicknames; the clip starts with an amusing story that he’d clearly been dying to tell. It’s about Survivor school, when the contestants are taught about how to live in the jungle but still can’t talk, so he’d been saving this quip for a while:


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Re: Robert "Bob" Crowley
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2008, 08:49:15 AM »
I like him... I hope he gets far.  He's really cool. 
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Re: Robert "Bob" Crowley
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2008, 12:00:21 PM »
He seems to know what he is doing and helpful.  I think he is this year's Yao.


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