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Names: Stephanie Kacandes and Anthony Marotta
Ages: Both 32
Occupations: Financial saleswoman, mortgage broker
Hometown: Los Angeles
Relationship: Dating
This competitive couple is hoping to be engaged by the end of the Race. Back together again after a year-long break-up, Anthony says he will propose to Stephanie if they make it through the Race.

Even though they’ve overcome many of their differences, their constant bickering would suggest otherwise.

Anthony, a mortgage broker, describes himself as adventurous and entertaining. He enjoys talking sports, hunting and poker. When asked what country he’d most like to visit – Anthony said Italy because he’s 100 percent Italian and has yet to visit.

Stephanie is a financial saleswoman. She loves meeting new people and learning different cultures. She describes herself as outgoing, funny and athletic, and loves competition.

Both of them are eager to Race around the world and put their relationship to the test and ultimately prove to everyone – including themselves – that they do belong together.

Kiwi Jay:
Personally after reading them up...I really dislike their whole demeanor. Anthony looks like the new Ray from TAR7 along with a new Deana. Every other team had a substantial entry...I mean they all seem to have good relationships and wont have too many major blow-outs. All of the other 10 Teams entries had stuff on their personalities and nothing too negative. Anthony and Stephanie's profile says directly "their constant bickering would suggest otherwise". This for me is a sure sign for a all new Nathan and Jen. Something I really didn't want going into the new cast list...looks like I found them. And I do know that the race wouldnt be the same without its long line of bickering couples but I really dont get any vibes from this team

Unfortunately, If I had to put the teams in order of my favourites for this season so far I would have them at:


P.S: Sorry for spoilers puddin, I saw the post for "spoiler free zone" but forgot about this post!

lol, we have our bickering couple of the season

It's nice that at least they are not just a boring bickering couple. One is Italian and one is Greek, which I think might also make them more interesting to watch.

thanks CBS

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