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Names: Ken and Tina Greene
Ages: 51, 48
Occupations: home-builder/former- NFL, President of BioPharmMed
Hometown: Tampa, FL and San Diego, CA
Relationship: Married, but separated

This married couple is looking to be reconnected on the Race. They’ve been separated for nine months and living on different coasts and are ready to put their marriage back together.

Ken, an ex-NFL star who played for both the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers, was also a college football assistant coach and is currently a home builder. He is competitive, athletic and believes his problem solving skills will help them win the Race. He thinks Tina is too controlling and should relax a bit more, but anticipates the Race will help them learn to appreciate their differences. His poor choices and infidelity tore their marriage apart and he prays that the Race will help Tina to trust him again.

Tina is a business owner and a CEO. She enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and believes that everyone has an endearing unique quality about them. She is the brains while Ken is the brawn. She has worked as a Director of Strategic Planning and has launched two successful companies. Tina is also Chairman of the Board of The Children's Cancer Center in Tampa. Tina is driven, athletic and competitive. Both Tina & Ken are Christians and have refocused their lives on building their faithfulness.

Despite their differences, they are still in love and eager to fix their marriage. Both are well traveled and adventurous.

Kiwi Jay:
whoo!!! Divorced team  :wohoo:

TARAsia Fan:
We've seen this before. Broken relationship gets further broken on the race. They could be the ones to change that, but you never know.

A part of me thinks she's gona be the bitch. I don't know, she just looks like it.

TARAsia Fan:
This team will be fighting in the airport as they're in line for their first flight. You heard it here fist.


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