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Names: Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook
Ages: Both 26
Occupations: pharmaceutical rep, business development
Hometown: Houston, TX, Austin, TX
Relationship: Best friends, Divorcees

Kelly and Christy are best friends that will not settle for second best. These two go-getters have been through a lot in the last year and want to prove that they can overcome anything.

Kelly, having been a collegiate dancer, and Christy, a collegiate cheerleader, are physically fit and are up for the challenges the Race will bring. They have supported one another through their own marriages and the dissolution of both, have worked together at the same company, have both remodeled homes and have tackled life together for the last 10 years.

Kelly works as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. She describes their team as quick, resourceful and resilient. She admits that she has a tendency to become impatient, and that Christy can be temperamental, but realizes they will need to focus on controlling these traits if they are going to be successful on the road.

Christy, a business development representative for a title insurance company, is determined to be the first Amazing Race all-female team to take the $1 million prize. She believes she and Kelly can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Christy also believes that their sweet, Texas charm will prove to be a very resourceful asset throughout the Race. Christy describes their team as magnetic, energetic and kind-hearted.

Neither has traveled extensively outside of the U.S., but both are eager to change that. This teamís drive, experience and competitiveness may provide them with the opportunity to see all the world has to offer.

I feel like I know them already  :wohoo:

Kiwi Jay:
I love them  :wohoo:, the teams are out for AR13 and Survivor 17 castaways arent!!! gosh its ridiculous

I love Kelly and Christy

TARAsia Fan:
They could be an early TARAsia Fan favorite.  :hearts: :hearts:

rooting for these two...


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