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She reminds me of flo LOL

TARAsia Fan:
She does have that Flo look, but no one could be as bad as Flo was.

Hello Reality Fan Forum! The energy that you all have for The Amazing Race is, well, amazing! It's very cool! I have been a fan of the show in the past, but never as much as I am now that I found out my good friend Sarah is on the show with her boyfriend Terence. Sarah went to Wharton with my sister Angela, and she is the coolest. We are biased but it's true! Angela and I started a blog to support our home-town team and I couldn't resist giving you the scoop! You all just get SO EXCITED! :)

I made a facebook fan page too. If you are a facebooker I'd love for you to join in showing Sarah (and Terence too) the love!

(Another tip: these team fan pages have been popping up on facebook a lot in the past day!)

I hope you enjoy these TAR13 tidbits and I'll especially enjoy following the show with you this fall!



Hey Shantigirl :D

Welcome to RFF, you're going to love it here.  :jam:

Fun! Thanks for the welcome! I love it!


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